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2-Layer Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered Wood Flooring is divided into three-layer and multi-layer Engineered Wood Flooring. But in recent years, for the U.S. market, China’s factory’s newly developed 2-layer Engineered Wood Flooring has no anti-dumping duty and no 25% 301 tariffs. After 3 years of supplying 2-layer Engineered Wood Flooring to the U.S. market, the feedback is that our 2-layer Engineered Wood Flooring is as stable as 3-layer Engineered Wood Flooring.

2-layer Engineered Wood Flooring is made of 2-layer solid wood veneer laminated in a staggered manner, the top layer of which is a high quality precious whole wood panel, mostly made of oak, black walnut, teak, beech, birch, ash, etc.; the base layer is made of wood slats, the species of which is pine.

The 2 layers of solid wood are interlaced and laminated, effectively improving wood deformation, warping, and cracking.

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2 layer engineered flooring Manufacturing Supplier

We have specialized in supplying the international wood flooring market for over 13 years. The U.S. market has been changing and adjusting in recent years. Many buyers are looking for better purchasing channels and wood flooring. Our new product, 2-layer Engineered Wood Flooring, has been developed and tested over many years and has excellent stability. Compared with Multi-layer Engineered Wood Flooring, 2-layer Wood Flooring can achieve longer dimensions. Since the base is pine, it gives the bottom a clean and neat appearance. 

According to the latest U.S. Customs regulations, 2-layer Engineered Wood Flooring is free of anti-dumping duties, 25% 301 tariffs, and ADD and CVD rates. This new product will bring new opportunities, please get in touch with us, and we can send you samples to check the quality of 2-layer Engineered Wood Flooring.


Our 2-layer engineered wood flooring is made from a top layer of 2-4 mm solid-sawn precious wood. The lower layer is made of well-treated pine wood from China. Similar to 3-layer engineered wood flooring, 2-layer engineered wood flooring has very good underground thermal conductivity and stability due to the unique vertically grooved balanced pine layer. This construction allows for wider widths and longer floors. Up to 2200 mm in length.

Use 2-layer Engineered Wood Flooring in areas with high relative humidity, such as basements, kitchens, near shore, etc. This means you can use a wider and longer wood floor without seeing a change in wood floor size due to humidity. Humidity levels at the site where 2-layer Engineered Wood Flooring is installed can reach 35% to 55%.

DuraMagicFloor 2 layer wood flooring construction


The 2-layer wood floor thickness of the surface layer is 2-4mm, and the total thickness is 14-18mm.

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We use the most accurate German brand equipment, HOMAG and Willi, to make strip plank 3-layer Wood Flooring with T&G, 2G Click, 5G Click, and different sides and ends.

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