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3 layer engineered flooring

Engineered Wood Floor is divided into 3 layer engineered flooring and Multi-layer Wood Floor. The 3 layer engineered flooring is made of three layers of solid wood veneer staggered lamination, the surface layer of which is high-quality precious whole wood board, the species of oak, walnut, teak, beech, birch, ash, etc.; the core layer consists of wooden slats, the species of pine, poplar, etc.; the bottom layer is rotary cut veneer, the species of poplar, birch, pine.

The three layers of solid wood are interlaced and laminated, effectively improving wood deformation, warping, and cracking.

3-layer wood flooring construction

3 layer engineered flooring Manufacturing Supplier

We only produce Engineered Wood Flooring and solid wood flooring and export to overseas wood flooring companies, we know the production process, process, materials, and export procedures of Three-layer Engineered Wood Floor very well. I can send samples to the importer to check the quality of the Three-layer Engineered Wood Floor. Contact us, tell us the specifications you want to purchase, and we will help you produce Three-layer Engineered Wood Floor that meets European quality standards.

Duramagicfloor’s Herringbone, Chevron, and wide plank wood flooring can all be made into Three-layer Engineered Wood Floor construction. The regular size of these three types of wood flooring can be seen on the page Herringbone Wood Flooring, Chevron Wood Flooring, and wide plank-engineered hardwood flooring. If you have your own Engineered Wood Floor size, please let us know, and we can customize it according to your size.

DuraMagicFloor 3 layer engineered flooring Advantage

High-Quality Oil & Paint

Compared to shoddy, cost-saving manufacturers, DuraMagicFloor uses TREFERT, BONA, PPG, WOCA, MONOCOAT coatings, or equivalent quality coatings finishes ensuring that it can meet the highest environmental requirements, as well as the highest standards of resistance to friction and staining.

DuraMagicFloor Antifouling Test

DuraMagicFloor Waterproofing test

DuraMagicFloor Waterproofing Test

High-Quality Center Layer

The structure of a 3 layer engineered flooring floor is like a “sandwich,” the surface layer is made of high-quality precious hardwood veneer. The center layer Duramagicfloor is made of spruce/pine or poplar, which is more stable and stronger than the low-cost poplar or SPF (a mixture of spruce, pine, and fir). The bottom board is made of spruce/poplar/birch.

3-layer wood flooring contruction

Duramagicfloor 3-Layer Wood Flooring Contruction

3-layer wood flooring high quality plywood

Duramagicfloor 3-Layer Wood Flooring High Quality Plywood

Other manufacturers 3-layer wood flooring inferior quality plywood

Inferior Quality Other Manufacturers 3-Layer Wood Flooring Plywood

DuraMagicFloor 3 layer engineered flooring Custom Options

Custom Colors

We have a solid ability to reproduce colors. Send us your color samples, and we can match them or give you a reference of the most popular colors.

brown oak wide plank engineered flooring

Caramel Engineered Wood Flooring

reddish brown oak wide plank engineered flooring

Reddish Brown Engineered Wood Flooring

saw cut grey oak wide plank engineered flooring

Gray Engineered Wood Flooring

Custom Surface

We can make a variety of finishing, which enriches the floor decoration effect.

Texture process: Brushed, Hand-Scraped, Sawn Mark, Embossed

Color Process: Smoked, Chemical Reaction, Carbonize, White Washed, Distressed, Flamed.

duramagicfloor finished

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DuraMagicFloor 3 layer engineered flooring General Options


The top veneer of a three-layer wood floor cannot be very thick or thin. If the top veneer is thick, the cork in the center layer will not support it well, and the floor will bend or warp easily. If the top veneer is thin after the middle layer is glued to the top veneer, the surface will appear “cross direction.” The horizontal line and the surface are uneven.

The three-layer wood floor thickness of the surface layer is 3/4mm, and the total thickness is 14/15/18/20mm.

3-layers wood flooring thickness

Veneer Grade

DuraMagicFloor manufactures Wide Plank Engineered Hardwood Flooring in grades AB(PRIME), ABC(SELECT), and ABCD(NATURE/RUSTIC). DuraMagicFloord offers grade options that meet your desire for a natural rustic or luxurious look.

prime rustic wide plank engineered flooring

Prime Rustic Wide Plank Engineered Hardwood Flooring

select wide plank engineered flooring

Select Wide Plank Engineered Hardwood Flooring

rustic wide plank engineered flooring

Rustic Wide Plank Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Join Systems

We use the most advanced machine HOMAG to cut the Wide Plank Engineered Hardwood Flooring Profile and can do Joint Systems with T&G, 2G Click, and 5G Click. And different sides and ends. Learn about the DuraMagicFloor HOMAG video

wide plank tongue and groove click engineered wood flooring


wide plank 2G click lock engineered wood flooring

2G Click

wide plank 5G click lock engineered wood flooring

5G Click

3 layer engineered flooring FAQ Guide

Historical Development

In 1930, the Swedish ComFree Group developed a Three-layer Engineered Wood Floor and registered a patent for the product invention in 1941. Subsequently, this Three-layer Engineered Wood Floor was first popularized in Northern Europe and developed in Western Europe. In the 1980s, Three-layer Engineered Wood Floor became a mainstream product in the European flooring consumer market, entered the global market in the early 1990s, and got faster development in Southeast Asia and, Eastern Europe, North America.

The first stage is the Three-layer Engineered Wood Floor development stage.

The second stage is the multi-layer Engineered Wood Floor stage.

Present Situation

Just because the Three-layer Engineered Wood Floor popular earlier, so there are still some families are still accustomed to using Three-layer Engineered Wood Floor, so Three-layer Engineered Wood Floor and market.

But in Multi-Layer Engineered Wood Floor product manufacturing development, the quality and thickness have been better than the Three-Layer Engineered Wood Floor. Therefore, the market demand for Multi-Layer Engineered Wood Floor has exceeded that of Three-Layer Engineered Wood Floor.

Duramagicfloor multi-layer engineered wood flooring plywood is used in Finland DYNEA grade F4 star glue or the same quality of glue glued together, high bonding strength, environmental protection, in line with the CE test formaldehyde emission standards. Duramagicfloor multi-layer and three-layer engineered wood flooring are equally environmentally friendly.

Multi-layer Engineered Wood Floor and three-layer Engineered Wood Floor are both Engineered Wood Floor, both made of different precious wood species with environmentally friendly glue under cold pressing.

Three-layer Engineered Wood Floor is made of three layers of solid wood veneer laminated in a staggered manner. Therefore the thickness of the precious wood veneer in the top layer cannot be too thin. Since the core layer is softwood, the top layer cannot be too thick. Otherwise, it cannot be well supported and will bend.

The top layer of a multi-layer Engineered Wood Floor can be very thin or thick because the base material is plywood and harder than cork. So the support is better.

Read the detailed structure differences and advantages

DuraMagicFloor wide palnk Catalog

3 layer engineered flooring Catalog

Browse our catalog to see and learn about the quality and craftsmanship of the herringbone wood flooring DuraMagicFloor manufacture.