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About Us

Duramagicfloor is a professional company specialized in producing solid and engineered wood flooring products. We seek to be in line with the international creative design fashion and emphasizes on the high quality flooring products with leading innovation designs.We constantly develop our colors/styles based on the international aesthetic ideas. And we invest a lot on the high tech advanced machinery such as: CNC machine/Laser cutting, High speed Chevron notching line, UV lacquer coating facilities. Our products has been export to France, U.S, Japan, Australia, U.K, U.A.E and many other overseas markets. With CE/FSC certificate, we guarantee our products is 100% environment friendly.



DuraMagicFloor Wood flooring plant



Our Numbers


Monthly Output of Planks and Herringbone


Monthly Output of Chevron


Monthly Output of Design Parquet Patterns

Quality Assurance

When you identify potential regions and suppliers, you need to collect information about the factory. It helps to know the factory’s requirement for placing an order and the cost involved, the brand of machinery used in production, how many production lines will be available for your order, how they source the raw material, and perhaps capture some factory photos. Be sure their licensing certificates are valid. Duramagicfloor carefully selects suppliers from equipment to material supply.  

Our factory located in Zhejiang,China with area more than 46200 m2

Wood Flooring Manufacture Profile

HOMAG 2 Sets

Cost around 620 thousands USD/Set. Ensure the accuracy of the profiling.

Automatic Chevron Machine 1 Set

High precision on profile (the tolerance can be controlled in 0.05mm)

UV line 2 sets

Normally use Treffort ,BONA, Monocoat ,Loba,WOCA and so on to meet the different effect

Wood Flooring Manufacture Gluing And Pressing

Pressing Machine 30 Sets

Rigorous Inspection

Duramagicfloor is a flooring trading company integrating quality management and sales. Quality control and manufacturing departments work in tandem in each and every phase and process,ensure the quality of the final product.

oak veneer wood flooring grade

Veneers Grade

Purchase composite leather in strict accordance with grade standards.

Moisture Content

Test the moisture content of wood floor.According to different moisture content to the wood floor classify.Make sure the floors are at the same level.

Uniform Color

Classify the T&G board according to the natural color variation. Make the color in most uniform.

Edge Joint

Simulate the pavement floor,Touch by hand and visual inspection to ensure that the edge joint of the wooden floor are smooth and the T&G can combine.

Paint Film Quality

Professional workers will remove defects UV coated wooden floors in the UV coating production line.Ensure high quality and uniform color of the wooden floor paint film.


Measure the width, length, thickness of the wood floor to ensure the size.

Our Export Business Team

We have more than 14 years of experience in the export of wood flooring. It means you can get the highest quality wooden floor while saving time. Read How Do We Work

Abby Lee

Managing Director

Wen Bao

Product Manager


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Export Manager


Export Manager

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