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Chevron Pattern Wood Flooring

Wood flooring is a classic symbol of elegance and style that has been in use since ancient times in the design of interior design. Out of many options, chevron pattern wood flooring is something that is remarkable with its fashionable looks and unique geometrical patterns.

Starting from its deep roots in antiquity up to its contemporary use in wood flooring, the chevron pattern never fades away due to its distinctive arrangement that creates V-shaped planks.

What is Chevron Pattern Wood Flooring?

Chevron pattern woodflooring is a kind of hardwood flooring materialized by its specific V-shaped pattern the planks of which are in the sequence. This design involves each board being cut at an angle and then laid end to end in a continuous series of wavy motion forming a set of inverted V-shape structures that would run along the length of the floor.

Chevron Wood Flooring planks are like fishbones, meaning there is a choice of 60° or 45° triangle shape to form a cross shape. This style is called Hungarian Point which is derived from the asymmetrical ends.

Chevron wood flooring seems similar to the herringbone but yet there are quite differences between the both options briefed below…

What is the  Difference between Chevron and Herringbone Patterns?

Installation Difference:

The most notable distinctive feature of herringbone and chevron wood flooring is the angle of alignment and position of the single planks.

Chevron wood flooring consists of blocks cut at specific angles and arranged in a zigzag pattern of inverted V shapes. Along the edges, planks meet at a point that is invisible to the viewer and therefore, the flooring looks consistent throughout.

Herringbone wood flooring is made up of small rectangles in a staggered pattern. Planks are cut at 90-degree angles, forming a fishbone pattern.

Visual Difference:

Both patterns have interesting design finishes and overall formality. However, chevron wood flooring has a more sharp appearance and geometric shape; whereas herringbone wood flooring has a classic and traditional look.

Wide herringbone floorboards give the room a special vibe: classic but with a modern twist. Herringbone floors look more lively than chevron floors because of the funky zigzag pattern at the ends of the planks.

What is the History and Origin of Chevron Pattern Wood Flooring?

The word ‘chevron’ originates from the Latin verb ‘caprio’, which stands for ‘trusses’. A roof truss is a common structure made of two roof beams that intensify at two points.

Chevron wood flooring has ancient origins, dating back to popular use in civilizations such as Egypt and Greece. The chevron pattern has been the emblem of refinement and sophistication since the ages, commonly connected with riches and luxury.

The chevron pattern was popular in the Renaissance for architecture, interior design, and art. Its geometrical regularity and aesthetic qualities enabled it to be applied to many buildings such as palaces, wealthy homes, and religious facilities.

The chevron parquet floor entered 200 years later than the herringbone floor around the 16th century. Over the centuries the chevron pattern has gradually developed and changed along with the fashion and architectural trends.

What are the benefits of Chevron Pattern Wood Flooring?

Chevron wood flooring offers several benefits that contribute to its popularity and appeal in interior design:

Classic Look:

Chevron wood flooring can spontaneously create a timeless look and if you pay attention to detail, they add elegance and sophistication to any space. Through the years, its V-shaped (traditional) pattern has been widely used; making it among the first choices for owners and designers who want timeless flooring design.

Visual Depth and Design Versatility:

Chevron wood flooring adds depth of perception and provides versatile design options in any kind of setting. This distinctive V-shaped plaster that creates an optical illusion, giving the room more space and depth. Furthermore, this type of flooring makes it easy to match the décor that is best suited to a myriad of interior styles—contemporary style and minimalism, classic or rustic—transforming your interior into a beautiful space. This adaptability allows it to be used in a wide range of applications varying from housing to commercial projects, hence making it unendingly useful for inspiration.

Improved Acoustic Properties:

The crisscross pattern of chevron floorboards also helps to create better acoustic quality in a room. Chevron flooring angles disperse soundwaves, providing quieter and more balanced acoustics than parallel or perpendicular layouts. This makes chevron wood flooring an elegant flooring choice where noise control is significant, such as in living rooms, bedrooms, and home offices.

What are the Different Patterns Available in Chevron Wood Flooring? 

Chevron wood flooring has various unique patterns. While choosing the features for your chevron floor, think about the style you would like to bring to the space you are trying to decorate.

For a natural look, go for traditional textured woods with hand-rolled edges. But for a modern space, choose a smoother floor with sharp micro-beveled edges, as sharp lines and subtle surfaces can add a modern touch to your space.

DuraMagicFloor produces chevron cuts in a precise angle for each plank in order to achieve varying chevron patterns. Advance cutting equipment with special features for perfecting any angled chevron profiles is what we use to make your brand’s wood floor seamless while installing.

How many Different Wood Species are in Chevron Flooring?

When selecting wood for chevron pattern flooring, consider factors such as durability, grain pattern, and color. Popular wood options include oak, walnut, and maple, each offering unique characteristics and aesthetic appeal.

Our product line includes both hardwoods made from chevron strand engineered wood flooring and solid wood flooring. Oak, Red Oak, Mahogany, American Walnut, Teak, Maple, Brazilian Cherry, Doussie, African Rosewood, Merbau, Ipe, Sapele, Birch, Palisandar, Rosewood, Taun, Cumaru, Sucupira, and many more.


Oak is one of the most common wood varieties used for chevron pattern flooring due to its durability and adaptability. It comes in two main varieties: the red oak and white oak. Red oak is reddish-brown with prominent grain patterns, while white oak is lighter with a touch of gray.


Walnut wood is highly valued for its dark brown color with the elements of intricate and beautiful grains. It gives a luxurious and sophisticated texture to the floor chevron pattern, making the room seem warmer and deeper.


Teak wood is famous for its unparalleled durability and water resistance. It is therefore the best choice for chevron flooring patterns in areas of high moisture such as bathrooms and kitchens. It has a beautiful golden brown color and a wavy grain that occasionally has dark stripes.


Hickory is revered for its toughness, longevity, and characteristic features. It is a combination of light and dark tones, with prominent grain patterns and some occasional knots. Hickory is one of the hardest domestic hardwoods and, therefore, is highly resistant to wear and damage.


Ash wood has a creamy white to light brown tone with charming grain patterns. Ash is hard-wearing and shock-resistant, making it a good material choice for areas with heavy foot traffic, such as hallways and entryways.

Which Angle to Choose in Chevron Wood Flooring?

Chevron patterns are achieved by cutting the segments at a 45 or 60-degree angle instead of across each other. The planing mill applies an angle to the ends of parts according to the angle specified in advance. This diamond-shaped pattern can be set at an angle of 45 or 60 degrees and both variants will result in the V-shape which lasts throughout.

45 Degree:

Chevron angle of 45 degrees represents the standard of chevron flooring. It provides a traditional look reflecting sharp angles and a debonair V shape. This inclination is quite easy to fit in and goes well with the large spectrum of interior designs, from classic to modern.

60 Degree:

Additionally, a 60-degree angle delivers a brighter and more modern style. Planks cut at that angle produce [V] shapes that are wider and shallower, which leads to a subtle and soft chevron pattern. Wide-angle installation requires high precision to visually elongate and enlarge a space.

How many Sizes are Available in Chevron Wood Flooring?

We provide a wide variety of custom sizes to our customers produced with high-tech equipment in both angles of chevron flooring available. Let us know exactly which dimensions will work for your project, and we will tailor the size to it. Please take note that, for any large purchase volumes, we expect you to adhere to our standard specifications. These regular sizes will be better priced.

What are the Different Grade Options in Chevron Wood Flooring?

Chevron wood flooring is available in various grade options, providing flexibility in appearance and cost to suit different preferences and budgets. Our veneering process for manufactured wood flooring gives you the freedom to choose the appearance grade you wish in order to track your design after installation.

How to Install Chevron Pattern Wood Flooring?

The installation process for chevron pattern wood flooring requires precision and attention to detail to achieve a seamless and visually appealing result. Here is a complete video tutorial:

Chevron Flooring Installation Guide

To further simplify, Here’s a step-by-step guide to the installation process:

1)Preparation and Acclimaton:

The preparation should begin with the subfloor that is tidy, level, and free of debris. Let the wood flooring pieces get used to the room’s temperature and humidity for no shorter than 48 hours. Prevent warping and allow planks to adjust to new surroundings.

2)Layout and Angle Calculation:

Use room center as reference for chevron pattern. Calculate the cutting angle for planks by roughly 45 degrees, which is subject to design preference. Accuracy of the measurements plays the main role in getting a smooth and unified chevron pattern.

3)Cutting and Dry-Fitting:

Cut the wood planks on the angles measured using either a miter or a table saw. Dry fit the planks conforming to the reference line to control the alignment and spacing. This is done to make certain that the pattern comes out the same and to make necessary adjustments before installation.

4)Adhesive application and Installation:

Put the adhesive on the back of each plank and start to lay them along the reference line, starting from the middle of the room and going to the edge. Push down planks firmly and use spacers for equal spacing to achieve an accurate chevron pattern.

5)Trimming and Final Adjustments:

Divide planks according to the needs in the size and around the obstacles such as doorways or corners. Use a saw or a cutting tool for precise cuts. Put aside the spacers and fill the gaps or seams with wood filler.

6)Finishing and Sealing:

The adhesive should dry according to the instructions given by the manufacturer. After finishing the curing process, apply a protective finish or sealant to the wood flooring. This step boosts chevron flooring durability, avoiding wear and tear.

How much does Chevron Pattern Wood Flooring Cost?

To calculate the cost of purchasing a Chevron Pattern Floor, which is a multi-layer engineered wood floor, from a factory in China, it needs to know the specifications, veneer species, and grade that the customer wants. To give you a more accurate understanding, I have listed the prices of chevron pattern wood floor in the table below.

Floating Timber Floor Veneer Specification Veneer Grade Quantity(㎡) Joint System Finishing FOB Shanghai
Chevron Engineered timber floor Oak 510x90x14/3 AB 1500 Tongue and Groove UV lacquer/Oiled 34 USD/㎡
Chevron Engineered timber floor Oak 510x90x14/3 ABCD 1500 Tongue and Groove UV lacquer/Oiled 29.5 USD/㎡

The engineered wood flooring looks more natural than the laminated flooring, and is cheaper and more stable than the solid wood flooring. What factors affect its cost in terms of materials?

No Item Detailed
1 Veneer Oak, Red Oak, Ash, American Walnut, Teak, Maple, Hickory, Doussie, Iroko, Merbau, Ipe, Sapele, Birch, Palisandar, Rosewood, Taun, Mahogany, Black Lotus, Cumaru, Sucupira and so on.
2 Veneer Grade AB(Premium), ABC(Selec), ABCD(Rustic)
3 Quantity The smaller the quantity, the higher the cost.
4 Veneer Thickness 1.2/2/3/4/6mm
5 Joint System Tongue and Groove,2G Click,5G Click
6 Finishing UV Lacquered, UV Oiled, Waxed Oil, Natural Oil,Water-based
7 Playwood Birch/Eucalyptus

When you need a factory to produce your project of Chevron Flooring, you can tell the international trade salesman at the factory your 7 requirements. They will assist you in calculating the final manufacturing cost.

How can I Order Free Samples of Chevron Wood Flooring?

Ordering free samples of chevron flooring can help you assess the quality, appearance, and suitability of different options before making a purchase.

DuraMagic Floor is a leading distributor of chevron hardwood flooring and solid wood flooring manufactured using the world’s finest machine which supports the close tongue-and-groove boards that go together edge-to-edge installation.

We can customize the finish, color, and patterns for you to match your requirements. Then we launch the manufacture of branded chevron wood on behalf of you at the factory price. This will increase the number of potential business enterprises in the market.

Several importers and wholesalers of wood flooring experience the inconveniences of corner-to-corner misalignment during installation after purchasing chevron flooring. Our chevron grooving equipment allows for high-precision notching, enabling corner-to-corner installation.

We’ve got 15 years of experience in purchasing and producing our wide plank chevron wood floors for several brands. You can tell us the size you would like, and we will produce the chevron wood flooring up to your specifications! Contact Us


Is chevron wood flooring suitable for high-traffic areas?

Choose the right wood and finish for chevron wood flooring to handle high traffic. Wood species like oak, maple, and hickory provide much of the natural strength necessary to withstand wear and tear. 

The flooring may also be protected from scratch and damage by the fastidious application of a quality finish. Regular cleaning and avoiding abrasive tools can extend your flooring’s lifespan.

Can a chevron floor be installed in any room?

Chevron wood flooring is perfect for rooms all around the house whether it’s the living room, the bedroom, the hallway, or even the dining area. It creates refinement and elegance in these domains. Protective finishes and sealings prevent moisture problems in bathrooms and kitchens.

Which is more expensive: herringbone or chevron floor?

On average hardwood chevron floors are more costly than herringbone floors in most cases. The cost difference is in the labor cost time and sawing loss for Chevron boards. Also among the other determinants of the costs are wood species, plank thickness and width, and the finish of the floor.


Besides being good-looking, chevron flooring can withstand harm and aging if you take care of it. That means you will have it for a long time. Whether you select it for your living room, hallway, or even bedroom, chevron’s visual appeal and functional benefits make it the best investment you will make in the long run.

When the structured design of the parquet pattern makes use of the wood-engineered floor common technology, it not only meets the customers’ needs for floor design in decoration but also provides stability and longevity in function. This feature gives dealers, builders, contractors, and designers an easy way to insert the product in showrooms, hotels, and homes.

If you do not have a parquet factory nearby, you can decide to get a consultation on your unique chevron design products from an export factory whose standards meet your project requirements.


The End

Do you have any other questions? If you found this article helpful, please share it with your friends and leave your thoughts in the comments section. If you are looking for a manufacturer in China, you can contact us.

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