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Click Wood Flooring

Click Wood flooring, refers to the process of floor, can be completely nail-free, glue-free, keel-free, directly laid on the ground floor. Compared with the traditional flooring, it completely overcome the floor by the external hot and cold, dry and wet changes in the process, resulting in problems such as leaving the seam, warping and drumming, saving the room height, and can be repeatedly disassembled and used, economical and practical!

wood flooring Click
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Join Systems

wide plank tongue and groove click engineered wood flooring

Tongued And Grooved

wide plank 2G click lock engineered wood flooring

2G Click

wide plank 5G click lock engineered wood flooring

5G Click

T&G (Tongued And Grooved) and Click are two different rabbet flooring designs. The differences are as follows.

1, The installation method is different: T&G floor installation between the two pieces of floors needs to be fixed with glue or nails, and installation of T&G floor in the wall to leave sufficient contraction joints.
Click floor installation method is relatively simple, installed directly on top of the leveling ground; the installation process is without glue, nails, or free keel installation.

2, Control the ground displacement direction is different: T&G can control the displacement of the horizontal direction of the floor, and Click can control the displacement of the floor in horizontal and vertical directions.

3, The price is different: generally speaking, the same kind of floor; click process of floor price than T&G floor price is a little higher.

profile advantage

More Stringent Requirements For click engineered wood flooring Plywood

In general, the click flooring can withstand 450 kg to 1 ton of tension, so the click flooring has higher requirements on the physical properties of the plywood such as density, expansion and relative humidity, production equipment, processing technology, etc.

multi-layer Click engineered wood flooring

multi-layer Click engineered wood flooring

3-layer Click engineered wood flooring

3-layer Click engineered wood flooring

Custom Side & Ends Size

DuraMagicFloor micro bevel edge

Micro-bevel Edge 0.3-0.8mm

DuraMagicFloor full bevel edge

Full-bevel Edge 1-1.5mm

DuraMagicFloor square edge

Square Edge

Better Overall Laying Effect

We use the click scan machine to verify the click to be exactly same as drawing , ensure that every batch of click , no matter years ago , will be matched 100% , and can be installed together with old batches .

wood flooring click scan machine


When Duramagicfloor makes the profile to the wood flooring, we use the HOMAG line,which costs around 620 thousands USD. With the production of HOMAG machines, the accuracy of our floor profile will be highest. Currently, Duramagic has two state-of-the- art models of HOMAG production lines.

multi-layer Click engineered wood flooring

When making the Click profile, usually Duramagicfloor will ensure that the tongue is in the same direction as the veneer when making the multi-layer engineered flooring. But we will also adjust the plywood structure according to different profile systems and floor thicknesses to make the substrate straighter, more stable, and better looking.

Chevron Wood Flooring Profile Machines

According to the special shape of the chevron, we ordered a automated advanced chevron machine. The manufacturer of the chevron machine previously provided machinery and equipment to the military. Now they tailored it for us. There is only one in China.

The gap between two Duramagicfloor chevrons can be controlled within 0.1mm. Also, the full automatically feeding, makes the output of a chevron is about 1000sqm/day and reduces the error caused by manpower inaccuracy.

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