Sustainable Development

The surface layer of the engineered wood floor is only 1.2-6MM, using high-quality wood, the plywood 11-13MM, basically fast-growing wood. Therefore more than 75% is fast-growing wood, less than 25% is high-quality wood.It greatly improves the comprehensive utilization rate of wood, saves a lot of noble timber, conforms to the international and industrial policy requirements, and is conducive to sustainable development.


3-layers Engineered Wood Flooring

multilayer engineered wood flooring

Multilayer Engineered Wood Flooring

2-layers engineered wood flooring

2-layers Engineered Wood Flooring

Old engineered wood flooring and solid wood flooring can be renovated with paint after planing and removing paint. Engineered wood flooring and solid wood flooring have the characteristics of recycling.

wood flooring renovation

Safeguarding Eco-Friendly & Quality

At Duramagicfloor, the export factory is fully equipped with environmental protection equipment. For wood floors production, we use high-quality veneers according to the veneer grading standard. No defect, high density, and flat plywood. Adhesives that meet national environmental standards.

Factory Dust Collection Tower

Factory Dust Collection Tower

Plant Dust Collection Equipment

Plant Dust Collection Equipment

Aqsiq conducts spot checks 5 times a year.

Legitimate Forest Resources Veneer

Legitimate Forest Resources Veneer


E0 Plywood

CE Certified Coating & Adhesive

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