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Multi-layer Engineered Wood Flooring

Multi-layer Engineered Wood Flooring is a multi-layer plywood substrate arranged vertically and horizontally, with high-quality precious wood selected as the panel. After the panel and plywood are coated with glue, they are cold pressed and laminated.

It is not easy to deform and crack, not easy to dry, shrinkage, or expansion has a better ability to regulate indoor temperature and humidity. The surface layer can show the wood’s natural grain, laying simply and easily, with a wider range. The price is lower than solid wood flooring. Suitable for installation in geothermal heating rooms.

Multi-layer engineered wood flooring structural representation

Engineered Flooring Suppliers

DuraMagicFloor only do Engineered and solid wood flooring for overseas wood flooring companies, we know the production process, material and export procedure of Engineered Flooring very well. When overseas importers talk to us about wood flooring, we can always provide our customers with manufacturing methods and product specifications that meet their requirements and send samples to the importers to check the quality of the products. Tell us which Wood Flooring you want to produce. You will have Engineered Flooring with international creative design and international standards.

DuraMagicFloor Supply Hot Engineered Flooring

popular engineered wood flooring

Oak Herringbone Flooring
herringbone oak engineered flooring
Natural Walnut Herringbone Flooring
herringbone Natural Walnut engineered flooring
Walnut Herringbone Flooring
herringbone Walnut engineered flooring

modern engineered wood flooring

walnut wide plank engineered flooring
wide plank walnut engineered flooring
light walnut wide plank engineered flooring
light wide plank walnut hardwood flooring
blonde walnut wide plank engineered flooring
blonde wide plank walnut hardwood flooring

luxury engineered wood flooring

tiles with Brass
Parquet Tiles With Brass
parquet panels tiles with shell
Parquet Tiles With Shell
Parquet Tiles With Jade
parquet panels tiles with butterfly Crystal
Parquet Tiles With Crystal

DuraMagicFloor Engineered Flooring Advantage

High-Quality Oil & Paint

Compared to shoddy, cost-saving manufacturers, DuraMagicFloor uses TREFERT, BONA, PPG, WOCA, MONOCOAT coatings or equivalent quality coatings for its finishes to ensure that it can meet the highest environmental requirements, as well as the highest standards of resistance to friction and staining.

DuraMagicFloor Waterproofing test

Poor quality Plywood

 Other manufacturers commonly use plywood made of poplar or poplar mixed wood, which can reduce the cost of wood flooring. But unfortunately, the stability performance is reduced by half, and plywood delamination is prone to occur.

high quality Multi-layer Engineered Wood Flooring Plywood

High quality Plywood

The substrates in the structure of Duramagicfloor multi-layer wood flooring are Birch/Eucalyptus and Finnish DYNEA F4 star glues or glues of the same quality, glued by hot pressing into a high-density 8-10 layer plywood. The structure is more stable, environmentally friendly, and does not delaminate. 

DuraMagicFloor Custom Engineered Flooring Options

Custom Colors

We have a solid ability to reproduce colours. Send us your colour samples, and we can match them or give you a reference of the most popular colours.


grey engineered hardwood flooring


light engineered hardwood flooring


dark engineered hardwood flooring

black walnut chevron flooring

black engineered hardwood flooring

duramagicfloor finished

Custom Surface

We can make a variety of finishing, which enriches the floor decoration effect.

Many of our importers are very satisfied with the results of our brushed-engineered flooring.

Advantages of brushed engineered flooring: Once the softer wood is removed, wire-brushed floors can withstand more wear and tear because they are harder. 

Custom Patterns

DuraMagicFloor Multi-layer wood flooring products included wide plank wood flooring,  herringbone wood flooring, chevron wood flooring, Versailles engineered flooring, parquet panels, patterned wood floor. If you have your brand design pattern, tell us your design, and we can help produce your Multi-layer wood flooring.

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Consult your duraMagicFloor engineered wood flooring manufacturing supply experts, professional wood flooring manufacturing at affordable prices.

DuraMagicFloor Multi-layer wood Flooring General Options


Duramagicfloor multi-layer engineered flooring can be made with a thinner or thicker top layer. It is available with a top layer thickness of 0.5/1.2/2/3/4/6mm. We have a custom service for the total thickness of multi-layer wood flooring. We can customize the thickness of multi-layer plywood according to the total thickness requested by the customer. Now we can achieve a total thickness of 10/12/14/15/18/20mm.

Join Systems

We use the most accurate German brand equipment, HOMAG and Willi, to make strip plank and Parquet Panels Multi-layer Wood Flooring with T&G, 2G Click, 5G Click, and different sides and ends.

wide plank tongue and groove click engineered wood flooring


wide plank 2G click lock engineered wood flooring

2G Click

wide plank 5G click lock engineered wood flooring

5G Click

Engineered Wood Flooring FAQ Guide

From the point of view of environmental trends and costs, the benefits of the invention of engineered wood flooring construction outweigh those of solid wood flooring.

Engineer Wood floor Benefits:

When the world calls for a “low-carbon era,” the composition of the flooring industry is profoundly affected. The traditional pure solid wood flooring with precious tree species as raw material will be in the flooring type composition in a downward trend. Engineered wood flooring substrates are used high-quality, fast-growing wood that is, to protect the resources and make it more stable; at the same time, it is lower than the cost of pure solid wood; and its glue dosage is only one-tenth of laminate flooring, to be more environmentally friendly than laminate flooring.

If you want the top layer of precious wood to be thinner or thicker, we suggest you choose a multi-layer wood flooring structure.

Veneer thickness can be thinner or thicker:

This is because multi-layer plywood can have thinner or thicker veneers glued on top. The top veneer of a three-layer wood floor cannot be very thick or thin. If the top veneer is thick, the cork in the centre layer will not support it well, and the floor will bend or warp easily. If the top veneer is thin after the middle layer is glued to the top veneer, the surface will appear “cross direction.” The horizontal line and the surface are uneven.

DuraMagicFloor three-layer wood floor thickness of the surface layer is 3/4mm, and the total thickness is 14/15/18/20mm. 

DuraMagicFloor 2-layer wood floor thickness of the surface layer is 2/3/4mm, and the total thickness is 14/15/18/20mm.

DuraMagicFloor multi-layer wood floor thickness of the surface layer is 0.5/1.2/2/3/4mm, and the total thickness is 10/12/14/15/18/20mm.

If you are considering the cost of engineered wood flooring, tell you with our thirteen years of experience in manufacturing wood flooring, the cost of multi-layer wood flooring is not more expensive than three-layer wood flooring, which depends on the plywood material of multi-layer wood flooring and the material of three-layer wood flooring centre board. Let us know the specifications your company requires for purchasing wood flooring, and we will suggest the right structure, calculate production costs and give you a quote. 

All engineered wood flooring top layers are precious wood, but the substrates in engineered wood flooring are not the same. Not every supplier recognizes high-quality substrates. Duramagicfloor has more than 13 years of experience in Engineered Wood Flooring production process and materials. This is what makes Duramagicfloor stand out among all flooring export suppliers.

Multi-Layer Wood Flooring: 

The structural substrates of Duramagicfloor multi-layer wood flooring are Birch/Eucalyptus and Finnish DYNEA F4 star glues or glues of the same quality, glued by hot pressing into a high-density 8-10 layer plywood. The structure is more stable, environmentally friendly, and does not delaminate. 

Three-Layer Wood Flooring: 

The centre layer Duramagicfloor is made of spruce/pine or poplar, which is more stable and stronger than the low-cost poplar or SPF (a mixture of spruce, pine, and fir). The bottom board is made of spruce/poplar/birch.

Read more about duramagicfloor wood flooring construction 

Duramagicfloor is the best choice for your product source, and we can manufacture your design products with guaranteed quality. Our mission is to be at the forefront of the creative design of wood flooring products, using the most appropriate manufacturing methods and materials to provide the best-engineered hardwood flooring for brand importers, wholesalers and contractors.

Duramagicfloor’s factory is located in Zhejiang Province, China, and the export port is Shanghai.

DuraMagicFloor wide palnk Catalog

Engineered Wood Flooring Catalog

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