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Frequently Asked Questions

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The unfinished wood Flooring is 1.5 USD cheaper than the prefinished wood Flooring with normal dyed lacquer finish. If it is a chemical change process lacquer finish, the price depends on the situation.

Add $1 for smoked and $2.50 for chemical reaction.

1/T&G does not need to add money.
2/If area loss is incurred when doing Click, some money will be added according to the loss.
3/If you need to Click Patent, 2G Click add 1 USD, 5G Click add 2.5 USD.

We will quote you best price based on your order quantity. So pls advise theorder quantity when you make an inquiry.

Check out the details of our grading standards:
PDF Oak Grading Standard
PDF American Wulnat Grading Standard

There are T&G and click. Click has a patent certificate.

1.Saw cut
①belt saw
(4-6mm above the surface board, need wet logs directly sawed and then dried. Belt saw precision is not enough, large losses, but the power is large, suitable for fast cutting wood or plate.)
②Frame saw
( the Veneer 1.8mm-6mm need kiln dry kiln dry before cutting )
2. Sliced cut
(0.4mm-3mm similar to cutting vegetables)
3. Rotary cut
(eucalyptus / birch substrate are rotated out, similar to the pen knife)

Three layers of strip engineered wood flooring, middle fir (diameter cut), bottom layer larch (sawn cut)/poplar.
Three layers of chevron engineered wood flooring can be fir in the middle and pine on the bottom.
Multilayer strips engineered wood flooring, playwood is eucalyptus (spiral cut), bottom layer is eucalyptus/birch/beech.

The plywood of the three-layer is usually pine, which is a soft wood that easily absorbs moisture from the air. If the top layer is too thin, after a long time, the plywood absorbs moisture, and the top layer will have waves, which is obvious in sunshine. Therefore, the veneer of three-layer engineered wood flooring can not be less than 3mm.

The metals we use are brass and stainless steel.

The color is brass, natural stainless steel.

The wood flooring cannot be inlaid with all kinds of metal plating. Because particular required metal shades/colors/coats, such as “Rose Gold / Silver / Bronze,” are all surface layers and can not be sanded. If you can’t sand it, you can’t fix the Thickness. Before we can paint parquet wood flooring, it must be sanded to determine the Thickness.

Our square Parquet (tiles with metal) finish is Flat and native color. If you do color, the color of the paint will cover the metal. So it can only be the original color.

Yes, The engineered floor are all available for heating system.

The moisture content of engineered floor is normally 8+-2%,We use moisture tester. We do moisture test from the beginning to the end of production many times. When we are selecting veneers, after kiln dry, after gluing, and after coating before packing, we check the moisture all the time. And not only to the veneer, but also to the plywood. Only if the veneer and plywood moisture has reach a certain value, we can start glue and cold press.

The norm is 8%+-2%. For different markets, each market moisture content is not the same. The general moisture content of Europe, Central Europe, such as Germany, Austria is around 6%. If it’s France or Spain, it’s a little higher near the sea. 8-10%.
Dubai, the Middle East and Australia have water content of 9%. South-east Asian countries can expect 11-13%.

Conventional is 30% T/T prepayment, remaining 70% copy payment on B/L.
LC (Letter of Credit on Demand) is also accepted.

The normal is 45 days, but it will also be adjusted according to the more or less order volume.

The minimum order quantity for strip engeneered wood flooring is 20 feet cabinet.
If it is parquet flooring, there is no minimum order quantity.

We have Carb2 certificates for the US market, CE and FSC certificates for the European market, and JAS certificates for the Japanese market.

Yes, but the cost will be paid by the client. The cost of each certification will vary depending on the amount of work involved, and will be around 3500 RMB.

Strip Wood flooring: 100,000-120,000 square meters/month.
Herringbone and Chevron Wood flooring: 20,000 square meters/month.
Parquet Wood flooring: 5000-10,000 square meters/month.

We mainly export to Dubai, Qatar, Singapore, Australia, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Poland, India, Vietnam, Uruguay, Mexico and so on.

Yes, we can produce goods according to your samples and drawings.

Yes, it is. We are the OEM for ‘Nature’, Chinese largest wood floor brand.

Yes, we have a professional team in the R&D department. Just tell us ideas, and we will help to carry out your plan into the design and follow with actual sampling.

Generally, we pack our goods in boxes with pallets. If you have your requirements, we can pack the goods in your branded boxes.

1) If the samples are strip wood flooring, herringbone wood flooring and chevron wood flooring, then the samples with a length of 300MM are free of charge.
2) If the sample is a custom parquet, the customer needs to pay the sample fee.
3) Each customer is responsible for the courier fee.

It usually takes 7-15 days to finish the samples. The sample delivery time would be from 3-5 work days depends on the express company you choose.

If you use our existing structure and specifications, it usually takes 7-15 days. If it needs to be exactly the same specifications as the customer requires, then it may take 20-30 days.

Talk About Your Project

Our team is ready to discuss your needs at any time. Whether you have specific design drawings or want to learn about our regular products, we are happy to provide more information and samples. Submit your project information and start our collaboration journey.


Talk About Your Project

Our team is ready to discuss your needs at any time. Whether you have specific design drawings or want to learn about our regular products, we are happy to provide more information and samples. Submit your project information and start our collaboration journey.