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geometric parquet flooring

Geometric pattern combined with color matching can achieve the illusion of three dimensions visually, and the effect of such a design applied to wood flooring is stunning. Today this kind of geometric parquet flooring with complex graphics installed is no longer used by a small number of people, so DuraMagicFloor cooperates with a factory that has advanced equipment that can do mass production of geometric parquet flooring. Satisfy wood flooring import buyers in purchasing geometric wood flooring, they can have geometric wood flooring with low cost, high precision of wood flooring edge grooves, complete combination of graphics, and all edges can be aligned.


Braid wood floor patterns

Braid Pattern wood flooring


Trapezoid Parallelogram flooring

Trapezoid Pattern wood flooring

Trapezoid Pattern wood flooring

Narrow Plank & Square

Narrow Plank Square flooring

Rhombus 3D Pattern wood flooring

Rhombus 3D Pattern wood flooring

Rhombus Parallelogram

Rhombus Parallelogram flooring

Trapezoid 3D Pattern wood flooring

Trapezoid 3D Pattern wood flooring

Herringbone & Square

Herringbone & Square flooring

Hexagon Pattern Wood Flooring

Hexagon Pattern wood flooring

Lotus Flower Pattern wood flooring

Lotus Flower Pattern wood flooring

Matita Pattern wood flooring

Matita Pattern wood flooring

frequently asked questions

The metals we use are brass and stainless steel.

The color is brass, natural stainless steel.

The wood flooring cannot be inlaid with all kinds of metal plating. Because particular required metal shades/colors/coats, such as “Rose Gold / Silver / Bronze,” are all surface layers and can not be sanded. If you can’t sand it, you can’t fix the Thickness. Before we can paint parquet wood flooring, it must be sanded to determine the Thickness.

Our square Parquet (tiles with metal) finish is Flat and native color. If you do color, the color of the paint will cover the metal. So it can only be the original color.

Yes, The geometric parquet flooring is engineered floor, so available for heating system.

Yes, we can produce geometric parquet flooring according to your samples and drawings.

Yes, it is. We are the OEM for ‘Nature’, Chinese largest wood floor brand.

Yes, we have a professional team in the R&D department. Just tell us ideas, and we will help to carry out your plan into the design and follow with actual sampling.

Generally, we pack our goods in boxes with pallets. If you have your requirements, we can pack the goods in your branded boxes.

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