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herringbone flooring

Herringbone flooring pattern is a strip of wood floor in the installation, every two planks are into 90 ° layout installation, after laying graphics like fish bone and named, so called herringbone wood floor pattern. herringbone wood floor pattern inclined lines on the overall space have a certain extension effect It can make the whole look more wide, not to bring compact and depressing feeling, fashionable and slightly classical.

If it is originally a poor and boring space, the installation of herringbone patterned wood flooring, so that the ground has a parallel four corners of the change of the slant, the sense of hierarchy immediately highlighted, a very fresh feeling .

herringbone wood floor pattern is not only suitable for small houses, but also for large families. Both retro and warm, but also stylish and elegant.


french oak Smoked herringbone flooring

Frequently Asked Questions

The unfinished herringbone wood Floor is 1.5 USD cheaper than the prefinished herringbone wood Floor with normal dyed lacquer finish. If it is a chemical change process lacquer finish, the price depends on the situation.

Add $1 for smoked and $2.50 for chemical reaction.

1/T&G does not need to add money.
2/If area loss is incurred when doing Click, some money will be added according to the loss.
3/If you need to Click Patent, 2G Click add 1 USD, 5G Click add 2.5 USD.

We will quote you best price based on your herringbone wood Floor order quantity. So pls advise theorder quantity when you make an inquiry.

1) If the samples are strip wood floor, herringbone wood floor and chevron wood floor, then the samples with a length of 300MM are free of charge.
2) If the sample is a custom parquet, the customer needs to pay the sample fee.
3) Each customer is responsible for the courier fee.

It usually takes 7-15 days to finish the herringbone wood Floor samples. The sample delivery time would be from 3-5 work days depends on the express company you choose.

If you use our existing structure and specifications, it usually takes 7-15 days. If it needs to be exactly the same specifications as the customer requires, then it may take 20-30 days.

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