Materials? ONLY the Finest.

Premium quality can only be born by combining skilled work with the best materials available.

Each material used in making our wood floors is carefully selected by our wood floors experts to ensure it’s top-quality.

At Duramagicfloor, for wood floors production, we use:

  • High quality veneers according to the veneer grading standard.
  • No defect, high density and flat plywood.
  • Adhesives that meet national environmental standards.

All materials will go through strict in-house inspections. Only qualified lamellas and plywoods will be put into mass production.

  • veneer grading
  • plywood

Our Process

Control The Quality Of Each Link

combine board

Combine Board

First of all, the veneer and plywood are sanded by mechanical sander.Then use adhesive to glue them in order to unite them.Both the uniformity of the glue and the amount of glue meet the requirements of glue quality.

Suppression engineered wood flooringof the surface

Hot Press Forming

After gluing the board together,We use hot press machine for hot press forming.Professional workers set up hot pressing parameters such as temperature, time, pressure and hot pressing process to ensure product quality.

Sand the surface

Get width and thickness

Four side planer planing top surface and back surface of board to get even thickness,Straight cutting left and right edges of board to get width.

Twist Surface Check

Twist Surface Check

Before T&G processing, the workers will check the surface and put away the defects board.

Tonguing and grooving engineered wood flooring

Milling  Processes

Tonguing, grooving, and micro-beveling are milling processes which allow the wood flooring planks to snap into each other.The micro-beveled edge is done on the surface so that two planks fit together with a minimal seam that will not collect dirt and debris.

wood flooring UV Lacquer or Oil Coating Finished

UV Lacquer or Oil Coating Finished

Professional workers will remove defects UV coated wooden floors in the UV coating production line.If the surface coating expert finds that the product does not meet the requirements in the UV Lacquer production line, it will immediately improve it. Ensure high quality and uniform color of the wooden floor paint film.

Meet Us in Our Factories

Let you have a better understanding of our production capacity and processing precision. Therefore, we will show you around our factory and equipment.

  • Material Warehouse 20.000
  • Production Lines 20
  • Employees 300
  • Instock 300.000
  • Exporting country 500+
  • Annual export 200.000+

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