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Chapter 5 – Logistics, Customs Clearance, and Delivery


This chapter is for you as an importer of engineered wood flooring China! Let’s face it – one of the most important aspects here is safely shipping these items.

Logistics, customs clearance, and delivery can impact your business’s efficiency. That makes it vital to partner with a supplier who can streamline your process.

Through effective logistics, you are assured that your products will arrive on time. Additionally, they will be in tip-top condition. Isn’t this the goal for all of us?

Bid bye to costly delays and unexpected border fees today! Prompt and accurate delivery to your warehouse gives you a competitive edge.

Add these aspects to your supply chain and enhance customer satisfaction. This chapter explores key strategies and best practices for managing logistics. Also, we look at custom clearance and delivery for engineered wood flooring businesses.

What Are Different Shipping Methods Available for Importing Engineered Wood Flooring China?

Are you looking to import wood floors from China? Well, here are the top methods that will ensure prompt and secured delivery of your products!

1) Sea Freight

This shipping method is one of the most cost-effective methods. Ideally, you would import engineered wood flooring China in bulk. Therefore, sea freight is a suitable method of import.

Through sea freight, you can ship enormous volumes in containers. These are usually about 20 to 40 feet in size. While sea freight is slower, its benefits are quite a lot! Here’s what you will enjoy:

  • Able to transport heavy or bulky items
  • Lower cost per unit for large shipments
  • You can pick from a full container load or less than a container load
  • The sea freight method is suitable when you have flexible lead times. This method is ideal for maximizing your profit margins on your flooring imports.

2) Air Freight

Another great way to transport engineered wood flooring is through air freight. This method ensures that your order from China reaches you promptly. So you can fulfill your customer’s needs as soon as possible.

Now, why use the Air freight shipment method?

Air freight can be advantageous in the following ways for engineered wood flooring China:

  • Guaranteed shorter transit time. It reduces exposure to humidity fluctuations, ensuring the stability of engineered wood flooring.
  • You can get samples when they are available to show your customers.
  • Allows you to maintain your stock levels during peak seasons.
  • Your flooring shipments will be cleared in good time.

3) Rail Freight

It is an increasingly viable option to import engineered wood flooring from China. Businesses near major rail hubs can use the rail freight shipping method.

With this method, you enjoy the cost-effectiveness of sea freight and the pace of air freight.

What’s more?

  • If your business is in Europe, there is the Belt and Road initiative. It has augmented rail infrastructure. Therefore, you can efficiently order your engineered wood flooring.
  • Rail containers have better ventilation than other transportation means. It will maintain the ideal moisture content for engineered wood flooring.
  • Rail freight can be a perfect shipping means during the sea freight peak season. It offers a more stable pricing and availability.
  • You can monitor your flooring shipments in real time.

What Factors Can Affect Your Shipping Method Choice?

Here are some attributes to consider when choosing a shipping method:

1) Destination country and location

Now, how close or far are you from the port? It is one of the things that will influence your sea freight shipping choices over other means. You will spend less on inland transportation.

Is your business in a landlocked country? Then, rail and air freight are efficient as you will avoid multiple transshipments.

Also, some countries have strict wood import laws. These might affect clearance times and shipment methods.

Some places have free trade agreements with China for wood products. ASEAN nations, for instance, have lower tariffs. It will reduce shipping costs by using faster methods.

2) Order volume of Engineered Wood Flooring China

These factors play a crucial role when importing engineered wood flooring products. They help determine the most cost-effective shipping method to use.

If you are importing large orders, sea freight becomes the best choice. That’s because the cost per unit decreases with volume.

Smaller and lighter orders will justify air freight despite the higher cost involved. The dimensional weight of engineered wood flooring has a high volume-to-weight ratio. It can increase the air shipping costs.

For medium-sized orders, rail freight offers a middle ground. It will work well for destinations along established rail routes. It is mainly between China and Europe or Central Asia.

3) Delivery urgency and cost considerations

It is vital to have the perfect balance between urgency and cost. Assume you have a time-sensitive project or want to meet sudden demand spikes.

Then, Air freight became a viable method for transporting engineered wood flooring. And this can be justified despite the high costs involved.

Alternatively, you can plan. Here, you can use the sea freight method, which ensures significant cost savings. It will work best when you have full container loads. Also, you will be able to maintain regular stock levels.

The rail freight shipping method is used for urgent deliveries to inland locations! It is faster than sea freight and has a lower cost than air.

What Are the Common Incoterms Used for Engineered Wood Flooring China Imports?

Here are the top incoterms you will encounter while dealing with a engineered wood flooring China manufacturer;

1) EXW – Ex Works

Experienced importers mainly use EXW. These are people who want maximum control over the shipping process.

The seller oversees everything until the goods are available at their premises. The manufacturer prepares the flooring for pickup at the factory in China.

As the buyer, you will take control of all shipping aspects. It includes loading, transportation, customs clearance, and insurance.

Now, to use EXW, you need significant logistical expertise. Remember, you will probably have to organize your pickup in a factory in remote areas of China. It can be challenging. However, it allows you to take control of shipping costs and methods.

2) FOB – Free on Board

It is one of the most popular Incoterms for importing flooring items. Under it, the seller should deliver goods on board at the given port of shipment.

It is particularly suitable for sea freight shipments of flooring.

With FOB, the seller handles the export clearance. They bear the cost and risk until the flooring is loaded onto the ship. It reduces your logistical burden in China. At the same time, you have control over the main carriage and insurance.

You can choose your preferred shipping line and negotiate freight rates directly. It could potentially lead to saving costs on larger orders.

As the buyer, your risk begins when your order crosses the ship’s rail. Be ready with proper insurance coverage from this point.

3) CIF – Cost, Insurance, and Freight

CIF is comprehensive and simplifies your shipping process. It is especially ideal for those new to international trade. Under this incoterm, the seller arranges and pays for shipping. They also cover the insurance and freight to the named port of destination.

CIF in engineered wood flooring imports covers so many benefits. You get a clear, all-inclusive price up to your local port. Also, the seller is responsible for most logistics. It includes securing the vessel space and insurance.

However, the insurance under CIF is minimal coverage. Additional insurance is needed when dealing with high-value engineered wood flooring China shipments.

4) DAP – Delivered at Place

DAP offers extensive coverage for buyers importing engineered wood flooring. The seller delivers the products to a specified address provided by the buyer.

DAP can be of great advantage for engineered wood flooring China imports. The logistical burden lies on the seller. They manage transportation, export clearance, and delivery to your specified location.

With DAP, you are responsible for import duties and customs clearance. However, you enjoy peace of mind, especially when dealing with voluminous shipments. That’s because the seller takes the risk until the products reach you.

What Documents Are Required for Flooring Customs Clearance?

Here is what you need to clear your engineered wood flooring order!

1) Commercial Invoice

This document serves as the foundation for calculating import duties and taxes. Your commercial invoice should include detailed product descriptions.

It includes the type of wood used for the top layer and the dimensions of each flooring plank. Also, it contains the total square footage alongside the number of units.

It is also essential to state the grade of the flooring and the Harmonized System ( HS) code.

2) Packing List

A detailed packing list is crucial for customs clearance of engineered wood flooring. Ensure you include the number of cartons/pallets, their dimensions, and weight. Moreover, it should have the quantity of planks and total square footage.

Also, the list should indicate the different wood species, finishes, and sizes. The list should also mention the ISPM 15 compliance for wooden packaging.

3) Bill of Lading (for ocean freight)

The Bill of Landing acts as a receipt of goods, contract of carriage, and document title.

Once you receive it, check whether it has the consignee, cargo details, and notified party. The document should also specify the wood type, treatment, and quantity. As a buyer, you will need it for customs clearance and taking possession of your shipment.

4) Air Waybill (for air freight)

It is an essential shipping document for air freight shipments. It is the receipt from the airline, contract of carriage, and customs declaration form.

This document accurately captures the shipper’s details and product description. Additionally, it indicated the consignee. It also highlights the order quantity and value. For engineered wood flooring, the wood species and treatment are specified.

5) Certificate of Origin (optional)

This document verifies the country from where the engineered wood flooring was manufactured. It is vital if your country has preferential trade agreements with China. It could potentially reduce import duties.

Also, this document may help verify compliance with regulations on wood sourcing.

What Are the HS (Harmonized System) Codes for Engineered Wood Flooring China?

Harmonized System (HS ) codes are vital for importing engineered wood flooring China. One standard code you will encounter is 4418.74. It covers the Assembled flooring panels, multilayer, of wood.

There are other specific codes, such as 4418.75 and 4418.79. Getting accurate HS classification ensures correct dirty rates. Also, it ensures compliance with import regulations. Verifying the latest codes is vital. It can impact your customs clearance process and associated costs.

What Are Your Delivery Options?

You have the following delivery options:

1) Delivery to your designated port or warehouse

Get your engineered wood flooring order from China delivered to your desired port. In this case, you can opt for bonded warehouses near ports. It helps to defer dirty payments until you are ready to distribute.

Delivery to your warehouse of choice offers you flexibility. You also gain control over your order. You can manage the final transportation, potentially reducing costs.

2) Door-to-door delivery (depending on incoterms agreement)

Door-to-door delivery for engineered wood flooring from China ensures a seamless shipping process. Professionals handle it every step of the way.

This service includes pickup from the supplier and transportation. It also involves customs clearance and delivery to your specified location. Based on the Incoterms agreement, all logistics are managed. It provides you with convenience and peace of mind.

Door-to-door delivery saves you time. It also reduces the hassle of dealing with multiple shipping stages. It is efficient and reliable for flooring delivery.

What Is the Importance of Inspection Upon Arrival?

  • It ensures that the engineered wood flooring meets your standards and specifications.
  • Early damage detection that may have occurred during transit
  • Confirms the flooring items received are as ordered

Final Thoughts!

Shipping your engineered wood flooring items from China can be easy and hectic at the same time. It all boils down to how you plan yourself, your expertise, and the company you employ.

You need to understand the logistics and delivery options. This way, you can ensure your flooring products arrive on time.

Talk to us today! We guarantee seamless shipping solutions tailored to your needs. We can streamline your supply chain and boost business efficiency!

The End

Do you have any other questions? If you found this article helpful, please share it with your friends and leave your thoughts in the comments section. If you are looking for a manufacturer in China, you can contact us.

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