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Our quality control and manufacturing departments work in tandem in each and every phase and process, including the pick out board, T&G board forming, wood flooring finished inspection and packaging process —together they ensure the quality of the final product.

As a supplier of Chinese wood flooring in the global market,we have our own strict quality control system and make sure that every piece of flooring you get will be satisfied . You can contact us by email or phone. Always happy to help you create value for our common society.

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Quality Of Service

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Pick Out Board

dried wood flooring


Set the different drying time, temperature and humidity according to different wood species in the drying kiln. The dried boards just after taking out from the kiln need a stress-relief period.Set different stress-relief time according to different wood species. Ensure the stability of the wood floor.

Check Surface Quality

Check Surface Quality

After four side planer planing is complete,the workers will check the surface and put away the defects board.

engineered wood flooring Moisture Content

Moisture Content

Test the moisture content of wood floor.According to different moisture content to the wood floor classify.Make sure the floors are at the same level.

T&G Board Forming

Edge Joint

Edge Joint

Simulate the pavement floor,Touch by hand and visual inspection to ensure that the edge joint of the wooden floor are smooth and the T&G can combine.

T&G board Uniform Color

Uniform Color

Classify the T&G board according to the natural color variation. Make the color in most uniform.



Measure the width, length, thickness of the wood floor to ensure the size .

Wood Flooring Finished

engnieered wood flooring Glue layer

Glue layer

The wooden floor is placed in 70℃ hot water to soak for 2h,Then take it out and dry for 3h in a drying oven at 60℃.

engineered wood flooring Film adhesion

Film adhesion

There is no peeling of paint film on the cross cuts of the wooden floor surface.Ensure that the better adhesion of paint film on the wooden floor.The wooden floor has a long service life.

Surface Contamination

Surface Contamination

No traces of pollution after the wooden floor surface is contaminated.Ensure that the quality of the wood floor paint film is high and the anti-pollution ability is strong.

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Qualified detection of formaldehyde

Formaldehyde detection qualified

engineered wood floor appearance inspection

Qualified in appearance and size inspection

engineered wood flooro quality detection

The adhesive layer and wear-resisting test are qualified

CE Verification


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