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Top 10 Best Engineered Wood Flooring Manufacturers 2024

Engineered wood flooring combines design and functionality. Its improved durability and dimensional stability make it a top choice.

So, it is suitable for a wide range of uses in residential and commercial settings. As 2024 progresses, manufacturers have set themselves apart in this competitive sector. They establish brand new benchmarks for quality and environmental responsibility.

Given the many options, being confused about engineered wood flooring manufacturers is understandable. Therefore, this article serves as a guide to finding the best flooring companies. It provides a review of the Engineered Wood flooring manufacturers.

Top 10 Best Engineered Wood Flooring Manufacturers

Shopping from the best brands gets you high-quality products. Hence, the following are the top ten Engineered wood flooring manufacturers:

1) Mohawk Flooring

Type of organizationManufacturer
Year Established2007
No. of employeesN/A
Main ProductsEngineered Wood, Laminated Wood, Rugs, Carpet

Mohawk Flooring is well-known for its extensive selection of flooring options. They provide many hardwood flooring types and finishes and warranties on these products. Mohawk Flooring provides a floor finder quiz. This tool assists customers in locating flooring options tailored to their specific requirements.

Users can make an educated choice with the help of the Mohawk room visualizer tool. It allows them to shop for engineered wood flooring across various categories.

Why Choose Mohawk Flooring?

  • Waterproof warranty.
  • It is scratch-resistant.
  • The products are easy to install.

2) DuraMagicFloor

Type of organizationManufacturing Supplier
Year Established2009
Factory LocationChina
Factory Employees201-500
Main ProductsMultilayer Engineered Wood Flooring, 3 Layer Engineered Flooring, 2 Layer Engineered Flooring

DuraMagicfloor is a competent brand that produces solid and engineered wood flooring products. Specifically, they emphasize high-quality flooring items and feature innovative designs. They base their colors and styles on foreign aesthetics. They pride themselves on making each engineered timber flooring flawlessly.

They produce bespoke engineered wood flooring in various designs to fit different projects. Plank, Chevron, Modular, and Curve are some available patterns. At any time, their team is prepared to discuss your requirements.

Why Choose DuraMagicfloor?

  • Their products are durable.
  • They provide bespoke designs.
  • Responsive customer support.
  • 100% of all products produced are exported, and the types of customers served are import wholesalers, brand owners, contractors, builders, developers.

3) Admonter

Type of organizationManufacturer
Year Established1972
No. of employees250
Main ProductsNatural wood flooring, Wall and Ceiling Cladding, Stairs

Admonter is a prominent company that produces high-quality natural wood products. The company meets the need for excellent quality and timeless flooring solutions. Their holistic room concepts comprise natural wood on ceilings, floors, and walls.

They offer a visualization program. It allows users to test Admonter’s wood floors in different living spaces. Every single piece of wood that they manufacture comes from forests managed sustainably. When picking their raw materials, naturalness and sustainability are essential requirements.

Why Choose Admonter?

  • They offer high-quality designs.
  • Sustainable manufacturing process.
  • They provide diverse wood flooring options.

4) Anderson Tuftex

Type of organizationManufacturer
Year Established1949
No. of employees51-200
Main ProductsHardwood, Carpet, Rugs

Anderson Tuftex combines innovative design with high-quality craftsmanship. Each order of hardwood will result in Anderson Tuftex planting a tree. Anderson Tuftex does provide specific solid hardwood floors. Yet, most of their products are engineered hardwood.

Their products meet stringent and high standards. That’s because the company has a reputation for premium quality. They have a variety of species accessible, such as hickory, red oak, and white oak. There are different price ranges for Anderson Tuftex flooring. The cost depends on the style and collection. Even so, they come with a remarkable warranty that lasts for years.

Why Choose Anderson Tuftex?

  • Diverse color variety.
  • Customers can register their warranty.
  • A wide variety of woods and finishes are available.

5) Bruce Flooring

Type of organizationManufacturer
Year Established1884
No. of employees51-200
Main ProductsEngineered Hardwood, Solid Hardwood.

Bruce Flooring is a global leader known for hardwood and engineered wood flooring. They offer the best beauty, comfort, durability, and low maintenance. They combine long-lasting engineered stone and designs that are inspired by nature. The company delivers species, including maple, oak, and hickory.

Their products are water-resistant. So, they’re great for basements and kitchens where moisture can be problematic. They also provide a flooring visualizer that is easy to use.

Why Choose Bruce Flooring?

  • Reasonable price point.
  • Readily available for shipping.
  • DIY flooring.

6) Listone Giordano

Type of organizationManufacturer/Retailer
Year Established1984
No. of employees201-500
Main ProductsIndoor and Outdoor Engineered Wood Flooring

Listone Giordano is synonymous with superiority in the premium wood flooring industry. Over many years, this reputation has been established. It is strengthened continuously by the commitment of everyone who manufactures this product. Only one thing motivates them, and that is to achieve perfection. Those passionate about excellent living will find their products unparalleled.

Selecting the flooring material is one of the most significant steps in designing a home. To help customers choose flooring, the company provides a guide. The guide provides answers to questions buyers may have. As a customer, you can enter your information on the website to find a store closest to you.

Why Choose Listone Giordano?

  • A wide variety of trendy designs.
  • Diverse colors like Oak, brown, and moon grey.
  • Sustainable manufacturing practices.

7) Doma Flooring

Type of organizationManufacturer
Year EstablishedN/A
No. of employeesN/A
Main ProductsHardwood, Carpet, Luxury Vinyl Plank

Doma Flooring is a brand that combines flooring with fashion. The company combines stunning designs and exquisite details for an unmatched flooring experience. Doma is recognized for its aesthetically pleasing engineered flooring patterns. The company also offers solid wood flooring, carpet, and luxury vinyl installations.

Doma flooring effortlessly combines the most recent fashion trends with time-honored design principles. Besides being fashionable, their flooring is of an incredibly high quality. Doma warrants its floor products. It applies if they are installed per the instructions and approved application listing.

Why Choose Doma Flooring?

  • A flooring visualizer is available.
  • Contemporary designs and styles.
  • There are different kinds of flooring available.

8) Regal Hardwoods

Type of organizationManufacturer
Year Established2007
No. of employees11-50
Main ProductsEngineered wood floors, Vinyl planks.

This manufacturer’s engineered wood floorings are stylish and long-lasting. They only use high-quality wood that has been chosen by hand. Additionally, they specialize in customized wood. Their wood floors are all First Quality; they don’t use any second-rate wood. The protection of the ecosystem is their goal so that future generations can take pleasure in it.

Regal Hardwoods’ wood flooring meets the requirements of the CARB and ATCM. It limits the amount of formaldehyde that composite wood goods give off. Their flooring is available in a variety of colors. These include brown, natural, amber, and ebony. Also, their woods come with LEED points, which are recognized worldwide.

Why Choose Regal Hardwoods?

  • Eco-friendly manufacturing procedures.
  • Their woods come in many colors.
  • Premium dedication to customer service.

9) Mullican Flooring

Type of organizationManufacturer
Year Established1985
No. of employees501-1k
Main ProductsEngineered and Solid hardwood, Laminate flooring.

The company uses high-quality woods that undergo sustainable manufacturing processes. Mullican Flooring prioritizes US production and harvesting. This act is one of the things that sets them apart from their competitors.

There are more styles and wood options for Mullican’s engineered flooring. They adhere to certified and environmentally responsible techniques for sustainable milling of wood. The Mullican Castillian series is an elegant collection of engineered hardwood flooring.

Why Choose Mullican Flooring?

  • They offer various warranties on their products.
  • Focus on quality and durability.
  • Wide variety of flooring options.

10) WOODlife Flooring

LocationThe Netherlands
Type of organizationManufacturer
Year Established1993
No. of employees11-50
Main ProductsFloors, Stairs, Doors & Decking

WOODlife Flooring manufactures engineered wood floors of exceptional quality and bespoke design. Their products last long enough to be passed down to generations. The company’s floors are manufactured to order with careful attention to detail. They provide a wide variety of patterns and dimensions to choose from.

Besides flooring, they also provide other supplementary products. Stairs, cladding for walls and ceilings, doors, and decks are some of their products. They can customize the color of each of these products to match the color of one’s floor. During manufacturing, they do not compromise on the quality of the product.

Why Choose WOODlife Flooring?

  • They offer bespoke designs.
  • Ideal for harsh conditions.
  • Renowned for durability.

How to Connect and Communicate with Engineered Hardwood Flooring Manufacturers?

Clear communication will develop a strong partnership with the engineered hardwood flooring manufacturer. Here are some ways to deal with engineered hardwood flooring manufacturers.

1) Contact Sales Representatives or Customer Service

It is the most direct approach. You can look for contact information on the manufacturer’s website. Search for the supplier’s phone number or online chat options. Sales representatives can answer specific questions about their flooring products, pricing, and availability. Likewise, customer service often provides common information and help solve any issues.

2) Visit Factories or Request Samples

Visiting a factory will allow you to see the manufacturing process firsthand. This way, you can assess the quality of the flooring materials and make. It may not be feasible for everyone, but some manufacturers offer tours or have showrooms.

Requesting samples is another good alternative. Most manufacturers will send samples of their flooring. It will allow you to examine the wood species, finish, and texture before buying.

3) Attend Trade Shows or Industry Events

Trade shows are excellent platforms to meet many flooring manufacturers in one place. These events allow you to compare products side-by-side. You can gather brochures and information and also connect with industry professionals.

4) Use Online Resources and Virtual Consultations

Many flooring manufacturers have websites with detailed information about their products. It also contains tips about the flooring installation. You can look for online resources like FAQs, blog posts, and videos that can answer your questions.

Moreover, some companies provide virtual consultations. In this method, you can connect with a representative via video chat and discuss your project.

How to Place Your First Order with an Engineered Hardwood Flooring Manufacturer?

Placing your first order with a flooring manufacturer might seem complex. However, order placement can be a smooth process with proper planning.

1) Understand the Pricing and Ordering Processes

Remember, flooring manufacturers have varying pricing structures and minimum order quantities. Thus, ensure you inquire about pricing per square foot. You can also ask about discounts for bulk orders or extra fees like shipping or handling.

2) Provide the Project Specifications and Requirements

Once you’ve chosen a flooring manufacturer, provide detailed information about your project. It includes the total square footage of the area you’re flooring. You can also discuss the desired wood species, dimensions, plank style, etc.

3) Discuss Lead Times and Delivery

Lead times can change depending on the flooring manufacturer’s current production schedule. Discuss estimated timelines for your flooring order production and delivery.

You must clarify delivery handling. It includes freight costs, who handle unloading, and any potential damage during transport.

4) Review Contracts and Terms of Purchase

Check the contract before finalizing your order for engineered wood flooring. This document highlights the details of your order. It includes flooring goods’ pricing, specifications, and return policies.


1) Do Engineered Hardwood Flooring Manufacturers Offer Customization Options?

Yes, most top manufacturers like DuraMagicFloor allow for customization on engineered wood floors. You can go for custom stain colors, plank sizes/lengths, finishes like wire-brushing or hand-scraping, and even custom logo/branding on certain products. We recommend talking about your specific flooring customization needs upfront.

2) How to Identify a Reliable Engineered Hardwood Flooring Manufacturer?

Look for well-established brands with many years of experience manufacturing engineered hardwood floors. You must check their production schedule and quality control processes. Reliable manufacturers should be transparent about where and how their floors are made.

3) Why Import Engineered Hardwood Flooring From a Reputable Manufacturer?

Importing from a reputable manufacturer like DuraMagicFloor gives you access to high-quality engineered floors at lower costs. These manufacturers meet applicable standards, use proper materials, and have a track record of good service.

4) How Is Engineered Hardwood Flooring Typically Packaged for Shipping?

Most engineered floors are packaged horizontally in rectangular cartons. Packaging protects the floors during transit. It also allows for efficient stacking and loading into shipping containers.

5) How long after placing an order until floors are received?

Lead times can vary, but most manufacturers can ship quality engineered hardwood floors within 4-8 weeks of ordering, sometimes sooner. However, it largely depends on factors like the product specifics. Also, consider whether customizations or large volumes were ordered.

Final Thoughts!

The engineered wood flooring sector is experiencing a phenomenal surge in innovation. The manufacturers featured in this guide are true pioneers. They combine classic wood looks with modern sturdiness and ease of installation.

Whether you need something solid or unique patterns, they cover different preferences. Engineered wood has all the beauty and warmth of oak while being durable and easy to install. The above brands have so many great choices. So buyers can find products that fit their style and budget.


The End

Do you have any other questions? If you found this article helpful, please share it with your friends and leave your thoughts in the comments section. If you are looking for a manufacturer in China, you can contact us.

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