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walnut chevron flooring

This page shows products with a width of 125mm walnut chevron flooring. Size: 775*125*15/4mm, Surface: Brushed, If you are looking for 125mm walnut chevron flooring, we have it. Order 125mm chevron flooring from our factory :

Color Option

brushed chevron flooring DMFH015

brushed chevron flooring DMFH014

brushed chevron flooring DMFH013

brushed chevron flooring DMFH012

Frequently Asked Questions

The unfinished is 1.5 USD cheaper than the prefinished chevron flooring with normal dyed lacquer finish. If it is a chemical change process lacquer finish, the price depends on the situation.

Add $1 for smoked and $2.50 for chemical reaction.

1/T&G does not need to add money.
2/If area loss is incurred when doing Click, some money will be added according to the loss.
3/If you need to Click Patent, 2G Click add 1 USD, 5G Click add 2.5 USD.

We will quote you best price based on your chevron flooring order quantity. So pls advise theorder quantity when you make an inquiry.

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