Chapter 1 - Why Import Engineered Wood Flooring from China? - Professional engineered and solid wood flooring manufacturing at affordable prices.

Chapter 1 – Why Import Engineered Wood Flooring from China?


Welcome to our new series – A Comprehensive Guide – How to Source Engineered Wood Flooring from China!

We have designed this comprehensive guide to help you at every step of the process. Be it understanding the features of flooring or building lasting relationships with suppliers!

We will break this topic into six chapters, each focusing on a crucial aspect of the sourcing process. If you are an importer or wholesaler, this series promises valuable insights.

Don’t miss a single step as it will be adding value. As always, DuraMagicFloor team is standing beside you.

Let’s start!

Chapter 1 – Why Import Engineered Wood Flooring from China?

China’s engineered wood flooring comes in various species and styles. You will get it if you are looking for exotic bamboo or classic oak for your flooring needs.

China’s engineered wood flooring offers superior stability, variety, strength, and durability. This natural wood flooring is also affordable.

This country has invested heavily in a skilled workforce and robust manufacturing infrastructure. Take advantage of the varieties and styles of engineered timber flooring from China.

The prices are pocket-friendly, while the transport and logistics costs are affordable.

What Is Engineered Wood Flooring?

AB Grade chevron wood floor

This type of wood floor is less susceptible to warping and costs a fraction of natural wood. It consists of several layers as opposed to a single, thick plank.

The topmost layer of this flooring is thicker and made of natural hardwood. It adds to the durability of the flooring. It also gives your floor a classic feel and look.

The middle layer can be either a high-density fiberboard or plywood. It adds to the stability of your wood flooring by avoiding warping.

The backing layer adds moisture resistance to your wood flooring. It also adds balance to the flooring. Engineered wood is highly affordable compared with solid hardwood. It withstands moisture and temperature changes. It also comes in different species and styles, meaning your customers are lost for choice.

Engineered wood is highly versatile. You can install it on upper floors, basements, and radiant heat systems.

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Why Source Engineered Wood Flooring from China?

Your customers seek high-quality wood flooring at pocket-friendly prices. China is the go-to-market for all your flooring needs. China’s quality parameters in the manufacture of wood flooring are strict.

You will get it if you desire trendy exotic wood flooring like oak. China is the leading producer of engineered timber flooring. It accounts for over two-thirds of the world market.

A genuine engineered wood flooring manufacturer in China takes advantage of economies of scale. You will benefit from a quick turnaround in processing of your order. The product’s safety standards are also high.

1) Production capacity of Chinese manufacturers

There are over 1200 wood flooring manufacturers in China. Even with a large order, you are assured of quick processing. It also means a large pool of manufacturers to compare quality parameters and prices.

In 2023, the global engineered wood market was estimated at USD 301.15 Billion. It is projected to grow 7.2% annually to USD 525.6 by 2032. China accounts for 70% of the market share. Concerns about deforestation primarily drive such healthy market growth.

Sustainability issues have also contributed to the demand for engineered wood flooring.

2) A variety of wood species, styles, and finishes are available

Do you desire exotic wood species for your engineered wood flooring needs? The Chinese manufacturers have you covered.

Whether it is the Burmese Teak, Brazilian Walnut, or bamboo, you will get it. The Chinese manufacturers have your back for those who desire a vintage look on their floors.

Do you fancy something lighter, like Maple, that promises modern aesthetics? We have got you covered.

Do you desire a contemporary touch to your flooring? Care for chevron patterns of hand-scraped finishes with natural wood grain? The possibilities with Chinese-engineered timber flooring are endless.

Some customers go for classic stains to complement the natural wood tones. Others desire a high gloss or low sheen finish herringbone pattern. Whatever your need may be, you will get it here.

3) Competitive pricing compared to other regions

Getting the exact cost for engineered wood flooring can be difficult. The cost of materials keeps on fluctuating. The shipping cost varies depending on the currency exchange rate. Individual manufacturers will quote different prices based on their cost of production.

China still offers the most competitive prices for engineered wood flooring. Below is an estimate of the cost of engineered wood flooring in China. This estimate is per square foot and is compared to other regions.

The cost of engineered wood flooring from China is lower than that of other sources. It is attributed to the many manufacturers in China. Therefore, manufacturers enjoy economies of scale. The country also has an elaborate supply chain.

4) Lower transportation and logistics costs

Shipping costs can take a considerable toll on your profit margins. China’s developed supply chain helps you to save on shipping costs.

Engineered wood flooring factories are found within a short radius. It helps to lower transportation and logistics costs. You can source engineered timber flooring directly from your Chinese manufacturer.

It helps to undercut the middle man and hence save on overall cost. Such savings leaves you with a healthy markup. You can then extend amazing deals to your customers.

What Is The Global Demand for Chinese Engineered Wood Flooring?

There is a high demand for sustainability in construction. It means that the demand for engineered wood flooring will increase as well. The market will exceed 1.6 billion square meters by 2027.

China’s capacity for producing engineered wood flooring is supreme. The workforce is highly expert in maintaining quality products.

1) Popularity in North America and Europe

Engineered wood flooring is popular in North America and Europe for different reasons. The North American market focuses on value and variety.

Chinese manufacturers offer a variety of species and styles to choose from. It would appeal to North American homeowners seeking diverse design preferences.

The European market focuses primarily on quality and discerning tastes. Chinese manufacturers have invested heavily in quality control standards.

Chinese manufacturers are constantly investing in knowledge and skills acquisition. It will help them maintain the quality standards demanded by the customers.

2) Emerging markets in Asia and Latin America

Latin America and Asia are the new frontiers of the engineered wood flooring craze. Rapid urbanization in Asian economies increases demand for stylish flooring solutions.

Many Asian homeowners have disposable income. That means they can afford engineered wood flooring.

A growing middle class in Latin America feels compelled to upgrade their living space. And what better way to do so than the stylish and affordable engineered wood flooring?

Respective governments in Latin America are investing in housing development. They are primarily focused on sustainable infrastructure.

Preparation Before Sourcing Engineered Wood Flooring from China

The engineered wood flooring market in China is tricky to navigate. This is especially true for a novice. For a smooth experience, you need to prepare well. Below are essential guidelines for a successful experience:

1) Fix Your Budget for Engineered Wood Flooring

Get your budget right. Knowing your budget is helpful as it will inform your sourcing strategy. That way, you can identify prospective manufacturers who match your preferred price range.

Set a practical budget without compromising the quality of engineered wood flooring. With proper planning, you can still identify high-quality flowing within your budget.

Having a realistic budget also gives you negotiating power with potential suppliers.

2) Decide the Quantity

The quantity of engineered wood flooring depends on several things. Consider your target customer, inventory management, and sales projections.

If your target customers are contractors, you need bulk orders. For individual homeowners who are budget-conscious, you will need smaller quantities. Storage capacity is another consideration.

Review industry trends and data from past sales. It can be a helpful guide in developing realistic sales projections. It helps to estimate the quantity of flooring to order.

3) Learn about the Certifications

Your target customers need to know whether your products are sustainable. They are also interested in ensuring due process was followed during the manufacture. That is why your manufacturer needs to have the necessary certifications.

ISO 9001 quality certification is an assurance that your supplier followed best practices. It signifies that the engineered wood flooring was sourced from high-quality materials.

The ISO 14001 badge assures customers that the manufacturer conforms to sustainable practices.

The EU Green Light certification is a must if you are targeting the European market. It indicates that your flooring is environmentally friendly and safe.

An FSC certification implies responsible management of the forest. That is a sign to your customers that the manufacturer is environmentally conscious.

3) Finalize the specifications

Ensure you get the specifications right. You can determine the grade, dimensions, and finish.

Also, ensure the wood flooring meets the flooring standards. The target price and quantity should be within your range.

4) Understand Shipping and Logistics

After identifying an ideal supplier, you must figure out how to transport the product cost-effectively.

Ocean freight is highly cost-effective. Consider the Less Than Container Load for a small order but for large quantities.

A Full Container Load would be more economical. For small quantities, air freight is more convenient.

The total shipping cost includes inland transportation and ocean freight charges. Once the container reaches its address, you will incur extra costs. These include clearance with customs, unloading fees, and import duty.

You must pay inland transportation charges to get the container to your warehouse.

Over to You!

Engineered wood flooring from China is your answer for aesthetically pleasing floor needs. It is cost-effective, high-quality, and durable.

Before identifying your supplier in China, make sure your budget is in order.

Ensure your supplier has all the certification requirements that you need. Request samples from different suppliers and compare prices before making the purchase decision.

Contact DuraMagicFloor to get competitive pricing on engineered wood flooring. Our experts can provide you with a product catalog and detailed quotes.

The End

Do you have any other questions? If you found this article helpful, please share it with your friends and leave your thoughts in the comments section. If you are looking for a manufacturer in China, you can contact us.

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