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Wood Flooring Manufacture

The process from raw wood to finished wood flooring is well thought out and we value quality in all aspects.DuraMagicFloor offers wood flooring manufacture capacity to produce wood flooring that can be classified as solid wood flooring, multi-layer engineered wood flooring, 3-layer engineered wood flooring, and 2-layer engineered wood flooring. The multi-layer structure in engineered wood flooring can be used in all wood flooring products, including herringbone wood flooring, chevron wood flooring, parquet wood flooring, pattern wood flooring, and wide plank wood flooring. The texture, feel, temperature and humidity regulation are all equivalent to solid wood flooring.

DuraMagicFloor Wood flooring plant

DuraMagicFloor Production Place: Zhejiang, Export Port: Shanghai.

Wood Flooring Manufacture Sawmill

Wood Flooring Manufacture 1 step


Our sawmill in Huzhou, China, only meets about a third of our needs for manufacturing wood flooring.DuraMagicFloor has the expertise to be involved in all stages of the entire wood flooring manufacturing process.

Wood Flooring Manufacture 2 step

Top Layer Production

Using a frame saw to cut the boards into veneer for the top layer of engineered wood flooring.

Learn about the thickness of the top layer of DuraMagicFloor engineered wood flooring.

Top layer production
Wood Flooring Manufacture Gluing And Pressing

Wood Flooring Manufacture 3 step

Gluing And Pressing

The top and base layer are glued together by cold pressing.

Learn about the base layer construction of DuraMagicFloor engineered wood flooring

Wood Flooring Manufacture 4 step

Surface Repair

Subsequent to cold press, veneered boards are transmitted to the repairing department for the treatment of defects in which knots.

DuraMagicFloor repair knots and cracks with epoxy resin.

Wood Flooring Manufacture Repair
Wood Flooring Manufacture Sanding

Wood Flooring Manufacture 5 step

Surface Sanding

Through sanding, the original wood fiber characteristics on the surface of the board are destroyed and become orderly to absorb the color, ensuring consistent color and finish of the wood floor after painting.

Wood Flooring Manufacture 6 step


The precision of our floor profile will be the highest when using HOMAG grooving equipment.

Learn about Bevel and Join for DuraMagicFloor wood flooring.

Wood Flooring Manufacture Profile
Wood Flooring Manufacture Oiling or painting shop

Wood Flooring Manufacture 7 step

Surface Treatment Process

After finishing the wooden floor, it can increase the decorative effect of the floor, but also can make the surface of the floor is protected and extend the service life of the floor.

Learn about DuraMagicFloor wood flooring surface treatment process.

Final Quality Inspection

Final inspection includes edge accuracy, width, length, thickness, grade, surface, backer board

This ensures that the wooden floor can be installed quickly and without installation difficulties on site. Therefore a final manual quality check and classification of the wooden flooring is essential.

Wood Flooring Manufacture -Final quality inspection
Wood Flooring Manufacture Packaging

Packaging And Shipping

Finished wood flooring OEM exports are packed in cartons, and the flooring cartons are delivered through heat shrink plastic film to ensure the packaging system is waterproof.

Packed cartons are neatly stacked on pallets. Every corner and side of the whole pallet is protected by plastic moisture-proof film and cardboard.

Finally the pallets are sent to the warehouse for loading.

DuraMagicFloor Wood Flooring Manufacturer

Watch the DuraMagicFloor movie ,Follow the journey of wood from its raw state to high quality wood flooring.

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