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We specialize in the production of wood flooring

Here you will have a complete set of services from factory production to delivery to your address, DuraMagicFloor will be your preferred supplier of wood flooring sources.

Bring Innovation to Your Company

To produce your own wood flooring, we will complete your wood flooring sample within 7-15 days and send it to you as a prototype for your own development market. Here you will have our production experience and product advice to help you complete all the manufacturing details.

Wide Plank Timber Floooring

We have a strong stock of valuable timber logs to cut longer and wider veneer to produce Wide Plank Engineered Tember Flooring.

Herringbone Timber Flooring

We have two of the most advanced Homag production lines, which can make the herringbone flooring profile to the highest precision. When installing the herringbone pattern, the two timber floor combinations are aligned at 90° angles.

Chevron Timber Flooring

We have a Chevron machines customized by military equipment manufacturers, which can profile the fishbone flooring to the highest accuracy. When the fishbone pattern is installed, the two timber floor combinations are aligned at 45° or 60° angles.

Parquetry Timber Flooring

The advantage of our modular parquet panels is Bevel, which is very clean and has no double lines. Each spare part on the pattern is beveled by hand and then pressed on the plywood. Smooth! Stereoscopic!

Patterned Wood Flooring

For high efficiency and high quality production, our production plant is equipped with advanced special-shaped machines. Whether it is a large or small amount of geometric timber flooring, we can cut high-precision profiles and assemble complete patterns. Enable you to deliver to your customers on time.


DuraMagicFloor are in the business of manufacturing wood flooring and exporting them from China to other countries. This includes timber procurement, wood flooring high-quality production lines, packaging, shipping, and trade export. 

Whom I work with:
– Importers
– Distributors
– Wholesalers
– Projects Contractors
– Architects
– Interior Designers
– Wood Flooring Designers

DuraMagicFloor Materials

ONLY the Finest

At Duramagicfloor, for wood floors production, we use:  1)High quality veneers according to the veneer grading standard. 2)No defect, high density and flat plywood. 3) Adhesives that meet national environmental standards. All materials will go through strict in-house inspections. Only qualified veneer and plywoods will be put into mass production.

DuraMagicFloor Factory Equipment

Efficient Accurate Production

In order to produce with high efficiency and high quality, wood flooring manufacturer is equipped with advanced equipment. Whether it is a large number of conventional wood flooring or a small number of custom wood flooring, can be delivered to customers on time.

Talk About Your Project

Since 2009, we have served more than 200 customers. Our customer orders include Engineered wood flooring, Solid wood flooring, Parquet flooring, Chevron wood floor and Herringbone wood floor. The average export floor is 500.000 sqm every year. If you want to realize your new wood flooring product, Duramagicfloor is your best choice.