• 500.000+ sqm

    Export wood flooring quantity every year.

  • 20+

    Continuous cooperation with customers.

  • 10+

    More than 10 years of wood flooring service experience in foreign trade.

Why Duramagicfloor can help you produce

custom wood floors?

Since 2009, we have served more than 200 customers, and we have been cooperating with more than 10 customers every year. Our customer orders include engineered wood flooring, solid wood flooring, and high-end custom parquet flooring. The average export floor is 500.000 sqm every year.

Cooperate with us ,you will be very comfortable with the manufacturing process of your custom wood floor, because we repeat the production process hundreds of times. We know what happens in every production process, so we control production time and quality.

If you want to realize your new wood floor product, Duramagicfloor is your best choice.

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What wood floorings can we produce?

engineered wood flooring
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Engineered Hardwood Flooring

  • Made from multiple layers of wood with a sturdy, stabilizing the core.

  • Structurally sound and less likely to expand, contract, or shift.

  • Affordable alternative to solid hardwood.

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Parquet Wood Flooring

  • Made from multiple layers of wood with a sturdy, stabilizing the core.

  • Structurally sound and less likely to expand, contract, or shift.

  • Affordable alternative to solid hardwood.

solid wood Flooring
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Solid Hardwood Flooring

  • Made from a single, solid piece of wood.

  • Increases resale value of your home.

  • It can be sanded and refinished several times.

Duramagicfloor 2019 Catalog

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We offer 3 structural that you can choose from.

2 layer wood flooring

2 Layer Engineered Flooring

  • Hardwood Top Layer:2-4mm

  • Pine Core

  • No Backing Layer

3 layer wood flooring

3 Layer Engineered Flooring

  • Hardwood Top Layer:3/4mm

  • Pine or Poplar Core

  • Backing Layer

Multilayer wood flooring

Multilayer Engineered Flooring

  • Hardwood Top Layer:1.2/2/3/4/6mm

  • Eucalyptus Core

  • Backing Layer

wood flooring structure

Surface Wood Species

Surface Technology


Wood Flooring Core


Customized wood flooring service.

Our complete supply chain can provide

a rich variety of wood.

Different structural core wood species are different.

We provide four structural wood floors:2 Layer, 3 Layer, Multilayer and Solid.

Our machine can cut three kinds of edges:

Square-edge, Micro-bevel.

our surface decoration team has developed stereoscopic decoration,

more high-grade than plane, beautiful and generous.

Hand Scraped, Brushed, Embossment.

perfect for four sides. Quick and easy installation.

We provide wood floors lock: T&G and 2G click.

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Join us! Your custom wood flooring will be continuously supplied.

the product is exactly what I expected. Your customer service is excellent.I’ve been using your service more and more. It helps me make time to grow my business instead of shopping all over town.I’m glad I found you.

Macky Mac

Working with Duramagicfloor’s team has greatly streamlined my ordering process.Having the ability for my customers to order samples directly saves everyone a bit of time and gives them confidence in the products they buy.

Franco Moriti
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How can Duramagicfloor help you get custom wood flooring?

We will help you get the best wood floor by doing all the details in the best way possible.

Complete custom wood floor production system

We have a full range of services from raw wood to wood flooring. It can be achieved with a flexible custom wood floor. Telling us the product size, colors, and patterns you need. We conduct research and make samples. After you confirm the samples, we will carry out order production. Complete wood floor production line includes:

  • Procurement of logs and cut Veneer.
  • Fast-growing wood composite high – density solid wood core board.
  • The Four side planer determines the length, width, and thickness.
  • Finish the surface decoration of the wood floor with a UV coating production line

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Quality Supervision

Strict Quality Supervision System

We will conduct product inspection and machine debugging in the production,ensure unified size, shape, quality, and color. We have professional measurement tools, in the final product random selection for testing, the accuracy must meet or be stricter than the GB standard.

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Wood flooring export service

We carry out packaging, contact freight forwarding, shipping, provide all export documents. Enable the goods to be successfully and safely transported to your destination. Factory delivery means no intermediate costs & more competitive prices.

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Wood flooring export service

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