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What Is Australian Blackbutt Timber

Blackbutt timber is a type of hardwood with a range of qualities that make it a highly valued and widely preferred wood. It has been one of the most utilized native Australian wood for construction, furniture, and crafts since the inception of time. The wood’s light color, with variation between cream and golden brown, and its straight grain pattern allow for a diverse furniture design in traditional and modern settings.

In this article, we will look at Blackbutt wood which refers to its origin, properties, and usage. Additionally, we’ll enumerate the ecological benefits of applying this wood, and give you some ideas on working with and installing Blackbutt timber.

What is Blackbutt Timber?

Blackbutt timber is one of a few timber species known as the Eucalyptus pilularis hardwood, originating from Australia. It is a type of timber, that is known for its high strength, and durability, including straight-grain, which makes it to be a top contender for multiple applications like flooring, decking, furniture, and structural framing. The Blackbutt timber is not only visually appealing but it also resists decay and termites naturally, proving to be a reliable and long-lasting material for both indoor and outdoor tasks.

Blackbutts trees have a longevity value of 200 years and more. Besides, they can be 40 meters tall if they grew up, have a long straight cylindrical trunk, and reach 3 meters in diameter. This timber gets its identity from the appearance of its juice which, usually, looks like burned or dark bark. That’s why it is often called “black” timber.

What does Blackbutt Timber look like?

Blackbutt wood’s unique character and beauty make it highly prized by architects, furniture designers, and builders for various applications. Here is what Blackbutt timber looks like:


Blackbutt timber is in the range from beige to light-brown. Sapwood, or the outer part of the wood, is usually lighter in color while the center, or the heartwood, has more pronounced shades of yellow-brown and even dark brown.


The grain of Blackbutt timber is usually straight, making it without any disorder and smooth surface. This lengthwise orientation also makes this type of wood easier to use and adds to its beauty.


Blackbutt timber has a medium to coarse texture that gives its unique natural appearance. Moreover. This timber can be smooth and polished for a pleasing aesthetic or retain the natural structure for a rustic appeal

Where does Blackbutt Timber come from?

This species of tree is typical of the habitat south of the border between Queensland and New South Wales, and coastal areas of Victoria.

Blackbutt variations are commonly found in coastal forests and savannah-grassland formations that maintain themselves well in many soil types and propagation conditions.

It is also used as carpeting on the floor of Parliament House, situated in Canberra. It does not only have the regal effect, that one can expect, but it can be also versatile and will stand the tests of time Being blackbutt flooring a great option to add a classically Australian design to your renovation and tell future generations about its quality and rich wood texture.

What are the Applications of Blackbutt Timber?

Blackbutt timber is a popular choice in various industries due to its unique properties and aesthetic appeal.

Construction and Building Industry:

Blackbutt is commonly chosen for structural framing in construction, including beams, joists, and posts in construction fields. Its strength, and durability that it is the most popular construction material used for houses, commercial spaces, and even bridges. It is strong and it can carry through all kinds of weather, being a suitable option for outdoor areas.


With regards to the furniture, blackbutt wood is one to look out for. The beauty of the grain and the color makes it highly sought-after for crafting the most beautiful and high-quality furniture pieces in the form of tables, chairs, and cabinets. Residential and commercial projects can utilize Timber Blackbutt for durable and attractive stairs and railings.

Flooring and Decking:

Blackbutt hardwood timber is widely used for flooring as it has a light color and uniform grain. Apart from the fact that Blackbutt timber is hard and durable for flooring and decking, it is also an outstanding selection for this purpose. It can be heavily trafficked and resists wear and tear, meaning it is ideal for both indoor and outdoor usage.

How to use Blackbutt Timber in engineering wood flooring?

To use Blackbutt timber in engineered wood flooring, you can create a product known as Blackbutt engineered timber floor. This flooring combines a Blackbutt timber top layer with an engineered wood base, akin to Oak engineered wood flooring. Following are the steps:

1) Material Selection:

Selecting high-grade Blackbutt timber for the upper part of the pre-finished engineered wood flooring has a positive effect. Have even colors and grains to perfect the appearance of the wood.

2) Base Preparation:

Lay down a full or Plywood birch underlayment with multi-plywood layers to provide support and stability to ensure the longevity of the flooring.

3) Bonding Process:

Glue the blackbutt timber to the engineered wood flooring base with the adhesive in order to have a strong and resistant joint between the upper and the bottom layers.

4) Installation and Finishing:

Size and install the engineered wood planks based on the appropriate methods. Add a coat of protective varnish to prolong the life of the floor and make it look better too.

What Manufacturing Advantages Do We Offer Blackbutt Timber floor?

We sell our manufactured products globally through referrals. Some of our notable markets are the USA, Dubai, Australia, India, Singapore, Qatar, Vietnam, Germany, Italy, Chile, and many others. Our customers receive a bunch of manufacturing advantages by working with us:

Increased Resilience:

Because we use Birch/Eucalyptus stock, the multi-plywood engineered wood flooring is not an unstable low-grade composite board, but a high-hardness solid wood board. To construct our 3-layer, engineered wood floors we are using Spruce/Pine or poplar plywood.

Better Stability:

Our multi-layer flooring is composed of 8 / 9 / 10 layers of hardwood plywood and all the layers are glued together using Finnish DYNEA F4 star glue or the same quality of glue, and the plywood and veneer is glued together using Franklin brand glue to have a strong, eco-friendly

Custom Thickness:

DuraMagicFloor produces Wide Plank Engineered Hardwood Flooring in 0,5/1,2/2/3/4/6mm top layer thickness. We can modify the Wide Plank Engineered Hardwood Flooring thickness at the customer’s request. We have done the total thickness of 10/12/14/15/18/20mm.

What are the Installation Methods of Blackbutt Timber?

When installing Blackbutt timber, there are several methods available, including 2G click, 5G click, and tongue and groove. A video demonstration is included below for better understanding.

How to Install Hardwood Flooring. 

Here’s how each method works:

Tongue and Groove:

In this case, the edges of the tongue and groove are laid side by side, unlike click-lock systems. Firstly, lay the first row down along one wall and facing the groove outward. To add the next plank, angle the tongue shallower into the groove of the previous one.

Use a rubber mallet and a tapping block to softly tap the planks together until they fit tightly. Complete the remaining rows by flipping the plank and aligning the tongue and groove slots until the area is filled.

2G Click Lock:

By this method, the Blackbutt planks have a click-lock system on two sides and lateral clicks are assembled. To begin with, attach the first row against one wall, positioning the grooved side to face inward.

Clamp the next plank’s tongue in the grooves of the previous one at a small angle and push it down to create the click-lock mechanism. Going on, arrange the subsequent rows by clicking on them until the entire area is covered.

5G Click Lock:

2G click is also similar in this regard, as it provides a click-lock system on all four sides designed to reinforce stability. Start by marking down the first row against the wall so that the grooved side faces the inside. Insert the next plank tongue at a slight angle into the groove of the preceding plank.

 Then, press on both the long and short sides of the click-lock so that it can engage with the groove. Carry on hammering the row after row by nailing them together on all sides of the fours until the entire area is covered.


Is Blackbutt a hardwood or softwood?

Blackbutt belongs to the family of hardwood trees. The source of hardwoods is deciduous trees with wide leaves; typically these trees are harder and denser than softwoods, which come from coniferous trees having needle-like leaves. Blackbutt timber gets its strength, durability, and versatility appreciated for different construction, furniture and design purposes due to its properties.

How to clean Blackbutt Timber floors?

The best cleaning method for Blackbutt timber flooring is to wipe down or vacuum the floor frequently to remove the dirt or debris and then mop the floor with a mild detergent that is very specifically made for hardwood floors. Avoid chemical reactions by refraining from using corrosive chemicals or abrasive cleaners. Dry the floor immediately after mopping to prevent water damage.

Where is Blackbutt Timber used?

The high tensile strength of blackbutt suits it for timber frame framing, cladding, inner, and exterior flooring, decking, joinery, landscaping, furniture creation, and for structural purposes as well. There are countless ways to finish Blackbutt Timber, offering versatility for any desired look, whether sleek or smooth. Finally, the selection for using Blackbutt wood is abundant in this case.


Designing Blackbutt timber flooring can fulfill the style that customers are looking for, as well as provide the natural elegance that real wood brings, thereby enhancing the value of the building. When a timber like Blackbutt is turned into an engineered wood floor structure, various patterned wood floors can be achieved, which not only meets the customer’s desire for pattern design for ground decoration but also provides stability and durability for long-term use.

It is very suitable for distributors, builders, contractors, and designers to undertake decoration projects such as high-end hotels and residential buildings.

If you don’t have a timber factory locally, you can choose to customize your design timber floor products that meet your project from an export factory.


The End

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