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What Is Parquet Flooring?

Have you ever thought about how your flooring could reflect your personal style and preferences? Well, consider parquetry flooring. Parquet wood has a variety of patterns and layouts that you could possibly pick one of. It adds functionality and classic style to your home, making it uniquely yours.

In this article, you will be equipped with the right amount of knowledge regarding parquet flooring… Find design ideas, estimate costs, compare pros and cons, and manage construction – all in one place.

what is parquet flooring

The parquet flooring is also referred to as parquet panels, parquetry, or design parquet. which is the wood floor product of creating floor decorative designs using wood pieces. Its structure is multi-layer engineered wood flooring, the veneer and plywood are bonded with high-quality glue, and formed by cold pressing. Then, the coating is made through the Oil & Lacquer workshop to obtain a smooth and durable surface.

With getting more into parquet, many patterns and designs make this flooring surface popular and unique. There are many amazing patterns available that you can choose from according to your own style and taste. Moving on, let’s now consider eight creative parquet flooring designs, each possessing its own beauty and personality to make any room look better.

What are the 8 different designs of Parquetry Flooring?

The design of the parquet pattern can be a simple herringbone or pattern, or it can be a more complex pattern. There are 8 different design patterns that are the most popular parquetry flooring today.

1)Herringbone parquet flooring

This kind of flooring consists of wooden pieces that are placed in a zigzag order resembling a “fish skeleton”.  It features rectangular wooden blocks arranged at right angles to form a series of V shapes. This pattern has a visually appealing and sophisticated look which gives the space a very pleasing look.

Herringbone parquet flooring

2)Chevron parquetry

Chevron has the same pattern as the Herringbone except that it differs a little from the former. Blocks cut at 45 or 60 degrees create a zigzag pattern, not V-shaped. This design gives a continuous and flowing look, hence resulting in a movement and slims-like feeling of the floor.

Chevron parquetry flooring

3)Versailles parquet flooring

Versailles parquet flooring is inspired by the intricate patterns that form the tapestry of the historical Palace of Versailles in France. It offers large square or rectangular wooden boards assembled in a geometrical pattern that sometimes comes along with intricate details and borders.

Versailles parquetry flooring

4) Mosaic parquetry flooring

Mosaic parquet flooring is a type of “geometric parquet” wooden flooring product made of small wooden blocks or strips of wood arranged in geometric pattern. Models use shapes like squares, rectangles, and triangles for a mosaic look.

Mosaic parquetry flooring

5) Square parquet floor

Square parquet wood flooring unlike the wavy herringbone and zigzag chevron patterns, square parquet consists of straight lines and right angles, which produce a sharp and uniform look.

The designer will use their imagination to design straight-line and curved pattern in the middle of the square.

6) Finger Block parquet flooring

Finger block parquet, also called finger joint parquet, is made of small rectangular wooden pieces arranged in an offset pattern resembling extended fingers. Each block is intimately tied to the next by finger joints so that ultimately the structure looks smooth. The popular now are 5 finger parquet flooring and 7 finger parquet flooring, a square is made up of 5 or 7 rectangles.

7)Basketweave parquet flooring

Weaving parquet basket flooring is marked by a pattern created by interlocking that resembles a basket one might normally weave. It gives an example that takes rectangular wooden blocks, each pair placed at a 90-degree angle with each of the adjacent pairs.

8) Checkerboard parquet flooring

Checkerboard parquet flooring is a style featuring the classic checkered pattern just like a traditional checkerboard with alternating squares of different wood tones. It grants the space an arresting, dynamic atmosphere that brings about the spirit of coziness or individuality.

Although the beauty and practicality of different designs may have a strong impact on you, understanding the “Pros and Cons” of Parquet flooring as a whole can bring you a better decision process and help you decide whether this flooring is suitable for you or not!

Pros and Cons of Parquetry Flooring

Parquet flooring includes a set of proper pros and cons that are important to consider and review before installation: 

No Pros of Parquet Flooring Cons of Parquet Flooring
1 Aesthetic Looks And Patterns Prone to Scratches
2 Durable Not Suitable For Heavy Impact
3 Increases Property Value Moisture Sensitivity
4 Easy To Clean And Maintain High Cost
5 Warmth and Comfort Professional Installation Required


1) Variety Of Patterns And Designs

Parquet flooring has countless patterns and designs and homeowners can pick from different options that include herringbone, chevron, basket weave, brick bond, etc.

Parquet flooring has patterns to fit any style of hotel or residential design, whether classic or modern.

2)Durable And Long Lasting

If the parquet flooring is maintained properly it will last for long years without showing noticeable wear and tear. The solid construction and the use of high-quality materials together make it a durable flooring option for many generations.

3)Increased Property Value

parquet flooring is often associated with high-end luxury, which can positively influence the perceived value of your property in the real estate market. Installing the parquet flooring can raise the overall value of your property. Over time, the timeless grace and longevity will only contribute to the overall beauty and market value of your property.


1)Complex Installation

Parquet flooring may be the toughest type to install due to precise patterns and alignment which are usually required. Highly skilled labor and special tools result in a professional job, but may increase time and labor cost.

2)Sensitive to Moisture

Water damage can cause expensive repairs or replacement due to structural issues caused by high humidity or spills. So this is why good moisture control measures, like sealing and routine maintenance, are very important.

3)Expensive Flooring

Factory-made engineered timber parquet flooring is an expensive option. When you are buying good quality parquet flooring, it can easily cost you about tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. The costs of parquet installation are high.

How is Parquetry Flooring made?

Parquet flooring is made by selecting, cutting, arranging, bonding, and finishing high-quality wood panels to create unique patterns.

As detailed here:

1)Wood Selection

The process begins with the careful selection of good wood species, such as oak, maple, walnut, or cherry. After inspection, the wood is kiln-dried so that a substantial quantity of sap and water that may be present can be removed, as well as to stabilize it for further handling.

2)Laser Cutting Pattern

The dried wood is then cut into small blocks or strips using precision machinery such as saws or slicers. Companies like Duramagicfloor use a laser machine to meet the high precision requirements of parquet panels by using the characteristics of a fine laser beam.

3)Pattern Design

When all the wood blocks are laid out in intricate geometric patterns, the floor looks identical to that of parquet flooring. Duramagicfloor company uses all-hand piecing in the process of piecing with timber veneer to ensure that each piece of your Parquet Panels pattern is natural and beautiful.


When the pattern design is finished, the blocks must be bonded using a quality adhesive. Bonding the blocks ensures they are held in place and achieve greater strength and cohesion when assembled.

5)Pressing and Shaping

After bonding, the assembled panels go through a pressing process to more successive wooden blocks and make the surface smooth. In this period the pressing process might involve the use of hydraulic presses to evenly impose stresses on the panel’s whole surface.

6)Sanding and finishing

After the parquet panels are pressed, they must be sanded to remove any irregularities and to produce a smooth surface. Multiple sandpaper grades may be needed for desired smoothness.

If the parquet size is 450×450, 600x600mm, use oil & paint line equipment for the paint surface. If it is a large parquet 1000×1000, 1200x1200mm cannot use water-based spray, evenly spray to the depth of the bevel.

7)Quality Control

Throughout the manufacturing process, strict quality control measures are implemented to ensure that the parquet flooring meets industry standards for strength, stability, and appearance.


The high-precision edges of the veneer or wood blocks will make the combined pattern flawless. Hence, the difficulty in manufacturing lies in the custom cutting pattern of mechanical automation. Custom cutting can achieve personalized floor decoration products, and machine automation can achieve batch cutting, to reduce labor costs.

How Much Does Parquetry Flooring Cost?

To calculate the cost of purchasing Floating Timber Floor, which is a multi-layer engineered wood floor, from a factory in China, it is need to know the specifications, veneer species and grade that the customer wants. To give you a more accurate understanding, I have listed the prices of herringbone pattern wood floor in the table below.

Pattern Veneer Veneer Grade Specification Structure Quantity Joint System Finishing FOB Shanghai
Versailles Oak AB 600x600x14/2mm Multilayer engieered wood floor 1000㎡ Tongue and Groove UV lacquer /Oiled 55 USD/㎡
Versailles Walnut AB 600x600x14/2mm Multilayer engieered wood floor 1000㎡ Tongue and Groove UV lacquer /Oiled 55 USD/㎡

The engineered wood flooring looks more natural than the laminated flooring, and is cheaper and more stable than the solid wood flooring. What factors affect its cost in terms of materials?

No Item Detailed
1 Veneer Oak, Red Oak, Ash, American Walnut, Teak, Maple, Hickory, Doussie, Iroko, Merbau, Ipe, Sapele, Birch, Palisandar, Rosewood, Taun, Mahogany, Black Lotus, Cumaru, Sucupira and so on.
2 Veneer Grade AB(Premium), ABC(Selec), ABCD(Rustic)
3 Quantity The smaller the quantity, the higher the cost.
4 Veneer Thickness 1.2/2/3/4/6mm
5 Pattern The factory needs the customer to provide photos or CAD drawings.
6 Finishing UV Lacquered, UV Oiled, Waxed Oil, Natural Oil,Water-based
7 Playwood Birch/Eucalyptus

When you need a factory to produce your project of parquet floors, you can tell the international trade salesman at the factory your 7 requirements. They will assist you in calculating the final manufacturing cost.

Where to buy Parquetry Flooring From?

When it comes to customers like import wholesalers, dealers, builders, contractors, and interior design firms, the best solution to buy parquet flooring is to directly from a well-known manufacturing company like DuraMagicfloor. These companies are skilled in making top-notch parquet flooring and usually have many choices to meet different tastes and project specifications.

By purchasing directly from the manufacturers, customers can benefit from:

1)Product quality assurance

Buying directly from manufacturing companies ensures that wholesalers receive high-quality parquet flooring products that meet industry standards and specifications. We can produce your branded parquet flooring quickly and with high quality.

2)Customization options

Wholesalers can work directly with manufacturers to customize parquet flooring designs, finishes and specifications to accommodate its clients needs and preferences. DuraMagicfloor strong customization capacity enables import buyers to have their brand of geometric or curved parquet floors.

3)Competitive pricing

The manufacturing company will provide their buyers with the purchase price, which includes labor costs and material costs. No brand advertising or middleman fees so lower cost per unit for multiple cartons of parquet flooring. By buying in large quantities, wholesalers can negotiate lower prices per unit, maximizing their profit margins.

4)Expert advice and support

Manufacturing companies often provide wholesalers with access to expert advice and support throughout the purchasing process. Just like DuraMagicfloor team is ready to discuss your needs at any time. Whether you have design drawings or want to learn about their products, we provide info and samples.

Unfinished vs Prefinished Parquetry Flooring

Factories can provide unfinished parquet flooring and prefinished parquet flooring. “Unfinished parquet flooring” refers to wooden floors that are completed and painted on site, which limits the customization of colors, and requires longer labor and skills.

Prefinished parquet flooring is custom flooring that comes straight from the factory, eliminating installation time and effort while providing limitless customization options.

Below are the pros and cons of both types, to help you make a better choice between the two types of parquet flooring.

Unfinished Parquetry Flooring


1) More Customization Options

Unfinished parquet flooring allows for greater customization and color options, It can be stained in any of the colors you desire to match any specific theme or room color.

2)Selection Of Wood Species

Wooden parquet flooring in its uncompleted form makes it possible to select the variety of wood of your wish. Wholesalers can choose from oak, maple, walnut, cherry, and exotics to match the home’s design.


1) Extended Installation Time

Since unfinished parquet flooring is not sanded, stained, or stained again and installed on site. The professional skilled worker increases the original amount of time it takes to install from around three to four days (normally) for installing floors.

2) Extended Drying Time

Parquet flooring installation requires patience. The final coat of finish needs time to dry, so homeowners should wait a few days before moving furniture back into the room.

Prefinished Parquetry Flooring


1) Money-Saving

Prefinished parquet flooring however comes at a higher price for its initial stage when compared with unfinished variants. Prefinished parquet is a more cost-efficient choice than unfinished hardwood flooring. This is because the prefinished flooring eliminates the requirement of on-site finishing, thus, homeowners are able to save labor cost and cost of finishing materials to a large extent.

2) Mess-Free Installation

Prefinished flooring eliminates on-site sanding, staining, and sealing. It implies that there will be no dust, fumes or disruption during installation. This will further lead to a cleaner and a convenient experience.


1) Sanding Challenges

While the factory finish on prefinished parquet flooring provides enhanced durability, it can pose challenges during the refinishing process. Thick prefinished topcoat requires extensive sanding to reveal raw wood surface, limiting refinishing options.

2) Matching Issues

If any additional flooring is needed in the future, it can be a challenge to find an exact match to the color and texture of the prefinished parquet flooring, due to the possible variations between batches or over time.

Customization-capable suppliers can help with custom colors and veneer texture selection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Parquetry Flooring environmentally friendly?

Parquet flooring can be environmentally friendly depending on the sourcing of the wood and the manufacturing process. Look for certifications such as FSC to ensure responsible sourcing and eco-friendly practices.

Is parquet flooring suitable for homes with pets?

Parquet flooring is suitable for homes with pets in principle, but it is essential to choose a wood species that is tough and resistant to scratches–and apply protective coatings to minimize damage from pet claws.

Can parquet flooring be installed in bathrooms and kitchens?

While parquet flooring can be laid in kitchens and bathrooms, it’s important to find an option for water-good resistance; water-based procedures may work here. Engineered parquet wood flooring will better suit these areas because they are more water damage-resistant.


Is it worth it for you?

Designing parquet can fulfill the style that customers are looking for, as well as provide the natural elegance that real wood brings, thereby enhancing the value of the building. When parquet is turned into an engineered wood floor structure, various patterned wood floors can be achieved, which not only meets the customer’s desire for pattern design for ground decoration but also provides stability and durability for long-term use. It is very suitable for distributors, builders, contractors and designers to undertake decoration projects such as high-end hotels and residential buildings. If you don’t have a parquet factory locally, you can choose to customize your design parquet floor products that meet your project from an export factory.


The End

Do you have any other questions? If you found this article helpful, please share it with your friends and leave your thoughts in the comments section. If you are looking for a manufacturer in China, you can contact us.

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