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Who makes the Best-Engineered Timber flooring in 2024

Engineered timber flooring gained much popularity among homeowners due to its uniqueness in providing beauty, durability, and versatility. At Duramagic, we pride ourselves on producing the best-engineered hardwood flooring, leveraging cutting-edge technology and expert craftsmanship to deliver products of unparalleled quality and durability.

We use the most accurate German brand equipment, HOMAG and Willi, to make our engineered wood and each product is available in multiple plank widths, lengths, and thicknesses providing flexibility for any design vision. We have specialized in the manufacture of Engineered Wood Flooring for 13+ years. Our expertise distinguishes us among all flooring export suppliers.

What is the Best Engineered Timber Flooring Finishing?

Selecting the right finishing for engineered hardwood flooring is crucial for achieving both durability and aesthetic appeal.

Among the range of available surface coatings, excimer technology is the superior choice. New business opportunities arise, particularly for brand owners developing new products.

Excimers timber floor finishes produced using 172nm UV curing equipment offer more unique properties than the usual oil or lacquer finishes, and have been described as the ‘black technology’ of UV curing.

Excimers Timber Floor Finishing – Surface Innovation – DuraMagicFloor

DuraMagicFloor is launching its Excimer Technology for industrial coatings parquet which is a technology that offers coatings improvements for this sector.

The art of curing the parquet wood floor further elevated its scratch-resistance, anti-footprint, and chemically resilient properties as well as giving a more even and matte texture.

This stable, solvent-free UV varnish surface, which is applied in the Excimer process employs physical matting without the use of a matting agent and undergoes UV curing in a process step.

Product Principles for Best Engineered Timber Flooring:

Firstly the UV coating does deep curing by LED light source. Then the surface of the coating is irradiated by a 172nm light source and micro wrinkles are formed to achieve matting and linting effects. Finally, it is cured by a mercury lamp to strengthen the properties of the UV lacquer. The final result is a skin feel and ultra-matte appearance.

Electron micrograph of the conventional use of a matting agent. Electron micrograph of the surface cured with excimer 172nm

Therefore UV curing equipment with a 172nm light source can produce the best matt wood floor finishes on the market today.

This matting method does not require the use of matting agents and is known as “physical matting”.

A gloss level of 2.5% can be achieved at 65 ° of light and 1.5% at 85 °of light.

Why to Choose Excimer UV Coating pre engineered wood flooring?

Skin Feel:

“Skin Feel” is the core highlight of the DuraMagicFloor UV Excimer coatings. By using advanced “Excimer curing technology,” superficial polymerization occurs, leading to volume shrinkage and surface folds of varying degrees. This deformed “skin” leads to a diffuse reflection of the light, which we perceive as a matt effect., providing a delicate and smooth touch like baby skin. The product is not just a simple coating, but an art that presents a perfect skin feel. The matte texture gives you a smooth and delicate touch, as smooth as silk. Whether you gently stroke or press, the skin feel remains the same.

Solvent-free, Odorless, and Wear-Resistant:

The raw materials of the DuraMagicFloor UV Excimer coatings are pure and do not contain toxic and harmful volatile substances. After the paint is cured, it will not produce any odor, thereby ensuring the health and comfort of the user. At the same time, the UV Excimer coatings have strict requirements for the coating environment, and the curing process needs to be carried out in a high-purity nitrogen environment with an oxygen concentration below 0.01%, which can effectively avoid the oxygen inhibition effect. The UV Excimer coatings not only remove odors efficiently but also improve wear resistance, preventing scratches from minor daily friction.

Durable and Easy to Maintain:

Through strict dry, wet, heat, and climate difference tests, the DuraMagicFloor UV Excimer coatings can withstand high-temperature damage caused by boiling soup, coffee, and cigarette burns, and has excellent performance in terms of stain resistance, fingerprint resistance, aging resistance, impact resistance, and anti-yellowing. The surface can be easily repaired by covering it with a hot towel, making maintenance simple.

Let’s discuss in detail the main technical benefits that this innovation offers:

Ultra Matte Appearance:

During the process of excimer wood floor treatment, the programming of the cutter enables achieving an ultra-matte, which makes the wood surface more beautiful in a natural manner and modernly fashionable at the same time. Unlike the glossy finish, the ultra-matte finish has the ability to lessen or negate the prominent glare and reflection. This makes the ultra-matte finish attractive in casing where we want a low-key yet highly attractive presentation.

Skin feel Affect:

A specific feature of excimer wood flooring is its skin effect, which copies the feel both in texture and warmth of true wood as the resulting floorboard exudes all the natural looks and feel of wood. People become conscious of the textural dimension of the flooring as they come into contact with it. It provides both the visual and the tactile sensation, making you want to walk on it.

Solvent-free, Odorless, and Wear-Resistant:

Excimer flooring is produced from a solvent-free processing system, and hence, it is without odor and is environmentally friendly. Moreover, the treatment increases wood’s inherent water impenetrability capacity thus making it a good choice of a material for moist areas like kitchens and bathrooms.

Ultra-high resistance to abrasion and scratching:

Due to the top layer coating that is highly resistant to scratching and abrasion the excimer-treated wood flooring can now boast high scratch resistance. This exceptional quality of the material allows it to be used in the areas of highest traffic in both residential and commercial settings, where regular wooden flooring is characterized by signs of wear and tear over a long time.

Minimized Color Change:

Unlike some types of classic wooden floor accessories that may darken or radically change color over time because of exposure to sunshine and environmental factors, excimer-treated wood flooring reduces the factor that causes a change in color. This seizure in the appearance of the flooring is maintained over years to come brightening the durability of your home.

Extra Surface Hardness:

These laser treatment overlay the wood flooring with a hard protective layer that is more resistant to dents, scratches, and impacts thus prolonging the life of the wood. This added solidness gives the flooring a further boost of longevity as well as applicability to heavy-duty rooms and resistance to wear and tear from everyday activities that cause damage.

Anti-footprint effect:

A wooden flooring surface produced with excimer creates an anti-footprint effect, greatly minimizing the visibility of footprints and other small surface damage. This is an assurance of the accessory that helps the flooring to have a beautiful appearance both in high-traffic and low-traffic areas, with less time for upkeep.

Highly chemical resistance:

Excimer super flooring is chemically resistant to household detergents and solvents, meaning that the surface is unlikely to be affected. It usually comes in one piece, which makes cleaning and maintenance easier, as stains or spills are quickly removed without causing any damage to the flooring surface.

Easy to maintain and clean:

Non-porous smoothness of excimer-treated wood flooring makes it simple to clean and maintain. Although regular sweeping or vacuuming suffices, a mild detergent is often used occasionally in mopping to ensure the flooring always looks its best. Furthermore, the significant longevity of treated flooring eliminates the necessity of frequent refinishing and repairs thus helping in saving money and time in the coming years.

Where to buy Best Engineered Timber Flooring?

Duramagic serves as the best choice for your supplier, and we can produce your design products with the promised quality level. Our mission is to lead in designing creative wood flooring products using the most suitable methods and materials to provide our clients with the best-engineered hardwood flooring.

State-of-the-art machines

  1. HOMAG line for profile:
  • Costs around 620 thousands USD
  • Highest accuracy
  • Output:3000 sqm/day
  • Now we have 2 models of HOMAG production line

2. Automated advanced chevron machine:

  • Only one in China
  • Gap can be controlled within 0.1mm
  • Output:1000 sqm/day

3. Excimer 172nm light source UV curing equipment for finishing:

  • Only one in China
  • Ultra Matte Appearance
  • Skin Feel
  • Untreated look

Use eco friendly and big brand coating and glue

  • For coating:Treffort , BONA , Monocoat , Loba , WOCA…
  • For gule: Franklin , Dynea…

Every time foreign buyers contact us on wood flooring matters, we are in a position to give our clients the ways of production and the quality of our products that meet their needs and demonstrate to them the quality of our products using samples.

How to Order your free samples?

Duramagicfloor Export Supply is responsible for producing high-quality products that promote or maintain your reputation in your market.

We can customize the engineered hardwood flooring surface process and color according to your design. You will get wholesale prices, which gives you a more competitive advantage in the market.

No matter how unique or complex your customization is, we have a large team of skilled craftsmen. We can send samples within 7-15 working days, therefore you can quickly determine the quality and design details of the wood floorings.

After the production specifications are double-checked, send the production deposit for your order. Secondly, the factory will be set to produce following the samples and quantity supplied. Furthermore, we are here to make all the export work easier once your goods are ready. The wood flooring will smoothly reach your location!

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what is Pre-Engineered Wood Flooring?

“Pre-engineered wood flooring” refers to manufacturing engineered wood planks to specific standards, ensuring consistent quality and easy installation. This process results in dimensionally stable flooring that performs well over time.

With a factory-applied finish, it eliminates the need for on-site finishing, reducing installation time and disruptions. The specialized finish enhances resistance to scratches, and stains increasing the flooring’s lifespan and reducing maintenance needs. With a wide range of finish options available, homeowners can choose the perfect look to complement their space.

Is excimer wood flooring technology suitable for all types of wood?

Excimer wood flooring technology can be applied to various types of wood, including hardwoods and softwoods. However, the effectiveness of the treatment may vary depending on the species of wood and its natural characteristics. It’s essential to consult with a professional to determine the compatibility of excimer treatment with specific wood species.

Is this technology expensive?

While Prefinished Engineered wood flooring may have a slightly higher upfront cost compared to unfinished wood flooring, the long-term benefits and reduced maintenance requirements can result in cost savings over time. Additionally, the enhanced durability and longevity of Prefinished Engineered wood flooring can contribute to increased property value.

Does excimer timber flooring technology affect the appearance of the wood?

Excimer-treated wood flooring retains its natural appearance, as the treatment primarily affects the surface properties of the wood rather than altering its color or texture. The wood’s grain and character remain intact, providing a beautiful and durable flooring solution.


The demand for environmentally sustainable flooring solutions will increase in the future, and with it, excimer coating will be a top choice, providing a green and durable substitute to traditional wood flooring.

Nowadays, excimer coating wood flooring can be a milestone in the industry thanks to the latest surface treatments.

It combines quality and sustainability. This feature makes dealers, building contractors, and designers add the product in the showrooms, hotels, and homes. It can be perfectly adapted to the realization of decoration projects such as high-end hotels and residences.

If you don’t have an engineered wood flooring factory locally, you can choose to customize your design timber floor products that meet your project from an export factory.


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