Duramagicfloor's Parquet Flooring

As a manufacturer of high precision processing wood flooring, meet the supplies a variety of Parquet Tiles Wood Flooring, including square parquet tiles, geometric parquet, curve parquet, and parquet tiles with non-wood materials. We can customize all the popular Parquet wood flooring in the market, so that we can realize your own Design Parquet product line.

Geometric&Curve Parquet Flooring

We provide Geometric and Curve Parquet Tiles wood flooring with strong artistic or ornamental for individual and artistic commercial interiors decorative style, fully reflecting the identity of the high-end brand.

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Square Parquet Tiles

The parquet is a square wooden floor. Wood flooring designers design a variety of line patterns within the square, we professional in-house technicians can complete the design of these lines on the square wood floor. To provide professional and customizable Square Parquet Tiles wood flooring for flooring designers.

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Tiles With Non-Woody Material

We provide Parquet Tiles With metal (Stone Jade, Shell, Crystal) wood flooring for decorative environment With noble and luxurious style.Our complete supply chain and in-house production can make such noble products customizable and mass-produced.

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